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tuesday tune.


Aman said...

Aaah! Aren't they just amazing!

Hi Meg!
Love visiting everyday, for the words and music.


stefanie said...

it's the strangest thing, but i wasn't surprised one bit when i saw you posted this song. i told you we have identical tastes in music!

Jo said...

Oh I love this so very much.
I've only just found your blog so reading for the first time - I'm really enjoying your writing and everything about your blog :)

Happy Wife said...

They are by far a favorite!

Haven't stopped by your blog in a long time...
{I've been busy having babies-twin boys}
but think about you often and hope you're doing well.

Happy Wednesday to you Meg.
Amber Dawn

laurrdunn said...

i just saw them in concert last friday and they were breathtaking--even better in person! if you ever get the chance to see them, dont ever pass up the opportunity!

JM said...

Jeeze they're good.