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an open letter to my one-day-sunday-someone:


love, love,



Sladja said...

Oh i want it, i want it :)


Nikskie said...

who doesn't want it?

Anonymous said...


Alexa said...


haley said...


meme-and-he said...

such a dreamy picture. I am loving your cute blog!

Anonymous said...

...you seem like you are way too precious to get your hands dirty with a real flesh and blood relationship...have you ever really had one...? or do you just write and dream about intangible someday husbands....?

no one is gonna "marry the hell" out of you if you're scared to get your hands dirty.

meg fee said...

dear anon: funny how i always know you'll comment on these posts. and you always wait until the other comments have finished. you see, we all have patterns. assumptions can be made about anyone. how's this: get your greasy, dirty little hands out of my life--you don't have the right.

Anonymous said...

What I think is so fascinating is the facts here. Meg is being bullied by someone who doesn't even have the courage to put a profile attached to his/her comments. Adult bullying is real. Anonymous cyber-bullying is real. People who feel so insecure about their life, relationships, career and waste precious, precious time to validate themselves is real. Thank you, anonymous, for giving me the facts here. I don't care who agrees and disagrees with megs thoughts. What I've found is that if I don't particularly like or feel connected to a certain blog, I simply stop reading it. Hell, I have a life! I fill my life to the brim with everything I value, and spending hours upon hours reading and BULLYING others ANONYMOUSLY is simply not in my agenda or life plan. Nor meg's.

Meg must be makin' you awwwwwfully jealous or insecure about something, Anonymous, or you simply wouldn't bother. Any guidance counselor could tell you that.
I encourage you to reflect on that.

Meg, I work in a low income public elementary school, so please pardon my use of the word "bully," and I want to make it clear that I've never been more impressed with the way you handle these negative little comments. As a former kid who was bullied all the time that on occasion carries into my adult life, I only wish I had your grace.

- Katherine
(I would put a profile up, but I don't have one.)

Anonymous said...

meg, this is lovely.

anon, did you ever stop to think that MAYBE there are aspects of her life she DOESN'T want the whole world to read? maybe the romantic relationships she has she PURPOSELY keeps quiet in order to respect and cherish them? the only thing you know about Meg is what she chooses to tell you.

DJ Burns said...

the way you see the world and the way you express yourself is beautiful. the world needs more people like you