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a letter to my someday-sunday-someone:

dear love,

if i were to meet you tomorrow. and you were to promise me a life in which i never had to take the A train above 125th street again, that would be it. i'd be done.

you'd have wooed and won me with that line alone.



Erin {pughs' news} said...

Now that is the very essence of love, isn't it? Someone to help you escape the mundane bits of life...

Anonymous said...

everything your write is utterly poignant and beautiful


Lela said...

My very favorite part about this post is the title. It sort of trips gaily off the tongue - when I saw it I just HAD to read the post.

Sladja said...

hahahah :D
sometimes we need so little.. :)


Anonymous said...

from a girl who used to live at 176th + broadway, i say AMEN!

Katrina said...

Your letters to that future someone special have inspired me. I want to be someone's future "someday-Sunday-someone," as you put it. And I think that by starting to write letters to my "husband-to-be" I explore more of myself and the kind of wife-to-be that a man like that deserves.

Thank you.

kim said...

I stumbled on this when i was googling something else..... i was curious.... what are your thoughts/disagreements/agreements with this article? (or if you wrote an entry on it that would be cooler to read! :)