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i've posted this maybe twice before.

but it's worth another look. or four or five.

i ordered both of mrs. brown's books off of amazon last night.

(this should work this go round, after yesterday's failed attempt. sorry bout that).


Kmarie said...

Her books are life changing. Gifts of Imperfection should be a must read for all women. Love it. Happy Reading

Rachel said...

What a great talk!

Oh crikey I shall be listening to this a few times I can tell.

Thanks for sharing :)

Kristi Harrison said...

This women is a Genius! I have also posted a couple of her talks too.

lcb said...

Ha! This is EXACTLY what I was watching on Sunday, curled up on the couch and trying to pull myself out of a fog. I have it bookmarked on my toolbar. I'd start with "The Gifts of Imperfection" first; I liked it more than the other. She's got an easy, conversational way of writing.

Sierra said...

is it pathetic that I almost teared up while watching this?
I could not connect (ha) better with this. This was perfect. Love it. Thank you.
Oh, Just Living the Dream

Diana said...

Sierra, if that's pathetic, I'm beyond--I did cry through it.

This is so me, the hating vulnerability side, so much so that I was medicated from 14-22 to try to fix with a pill the sadness, anxiety, etc. Two years later and I'm not on those drugs, but I don't feel like I've let down the walls that keep me bound. I want more than anything to be that person that can say I love you first or pick up and move and start fresh. But I'm so trapped in what if that I do nothing.

I'm going to be picking up some of her books, too. Thank you so much, Meg, for posting this! It is brilliant.

Mish Lovin' Life said...

Thank you so much for sharing that. Those last 10 seconds really hit me and I had to cry a bit.
Watched it with my boyfriend and we both really loved it.

Anonymous said...

i have shared this specific TED talk with so many. one of my absolute favorites. i could (and have) watch it over and over again.

Sara said...

Sincerely thank you, thank you for sharing. I'm passing on to a few of my girlfriends. And I think I'll be looking into those books.