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fault lines.

sometimes i'll catch your half-smile. out of the corner of my eye. and it'll call to mind, something else--another moment, i think.

and without even realizing it, i begin to swim towards a memory. through the blue, light refracting in water. and it feels just beyond my reach. always beyond my reach.

a tip-of-the-tongue memory i cannot place.

and it is then that i think i must have known you in another life. in many before this one. that we've been tied together so many times. that each separation has confused and muddled the line where you end and i begin. that each separation has seen you carry parts of me away, with you, into other lives and worlds. and i've taken some of you. and in missing you now, i'm missing those parts of myself. those bits you absconded with when last we met.

i'm wondering now if we may not just get it really wrong in this life.
but if we haven't done brilliantly in some before.
or may not do better in many to come.

i may be at a loss. i may be feeling a loss. but i need only unearth and draw upon the parts of you i snuck away with. wholeness. holiness.

perhaps the memory i'm swimming towards is something ancient.
perhaps it hasn't yet been made.
perhaps it'll be another half-smile that'll restore and return me to myself.


Kmarie said...

Beautiful! Whole and wise thoughts.

JuJu said...

Wow Meg, your writing is wonderful!
The last paragraph is amazing. Just really beautiful.

Please, please never stop feeling, loving and writing!

look a little closer said...

this gave me goosebumps. gorgeous!

look a little closer said...

also, i totally think that you will be one of the people pull quotes from someday :)

wildchild said...

holy cow. breathtaking.

and i agree with the girl above me. all of your stuff is beautiful and i may just even pull quotes from it soon if that's alright by you.

Grace said...

Meg, this may be one of my favorite things you've written. My heart is yearning for the same things right now. Thanks for writing this.

Anonymous said...

wow, so completely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

and I am in love with you and your authencity!! Your words speak to me and I get butterflies.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is simply beautiful.

We're quite vulnerable...I wrote something yesterday thats feeling is very similar I think.


I hope you get a chance to read it.

Louise xo

Little Tree Vintage said...

you have such a way with words..it is breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

i love this. it's amazing. it's perfect.

Anonymous said...

That was absolutely beautiful!

colleen said...

loved this. i, too, think of swimming towards ancient or not-yet-made memories.

Keiko said...

these words remind me of my own heart.

this is my favorite post of yours ever, hands down.

Georgette said...

Wow just Wow.

You are extraordinary Meg.

I marvel at your words.


Captain Serenity said...

This meant a lot to me.
Go to youtube and listen to John Denver sing the Joe Henry song "The Wings that Fly us Home." It is exactly, in many ways, what you are saying. Then, for a laugh, "galileo" by the Indigo Girls. Peacer, John

Danielle Hornyak said...

This is great! I am in the midst of writing an artist statement for my BFA show this weekend and some of your lines remind me of how i feel and am trying to express in my statement, but not as eloquently as you!

Kate said...

Love love love this

jimmylou said...

you kill me with your fantastic writing. i love it!