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life slice #6.

i have to tell you,
there are days i feel so deeply flawed and imperfect,
the most so, really. and i wonder if
everyone can see that. just by

but then i hear myself laugh
in spite of it,
or because of it and i remember that
i'm quite happy. and it's been nearly a week
since i've felt loneliness. and that's not so bad.

i'm not so bad, you know.


nicole addison said...


Little Tree Vintage said...

you're lovely. and you need to remember that!

debbiecutieface.com said...

you're not so bad at all.

Erin said...

you're awesome, meg.

the soft soled said...

This is beautiful! and as usual you hit on exactly what I'm thinking. Enjoy your Friday of being not so bad!

Louise McG said...

Not Bad at all.
(...and as we say in Scotland..."Pure Dead Brilliant!"

That sound OK enough for you? ;)

Thank you for sharing!

Louise xo

Meghan said...

i'm not so bad, you know.

i love that line! (we are our toughest critics)

Meg, you are such an inspiration to all!

Sonja said...

gorgeous! As usual!
not bad at all!

also I just discovered that the lumineers now have some official videos...you probably already know that, but it kinda made my day watching them so i thought i'd pass it along! :o)

Ana Magdalena said...
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by B. said...

lovely, actually :)

Ariel Tyler said...

This is wonderful!