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gadchick: issue 2

i was beyond humbled when asked to contribute to issue two of gadchick
to be included among such stellar women, oh-boy-i-tell-ya. 

i wrote about the important issue of self-portraiture in my usual tongue-in-cheek irreverent style (thats the hope, at least). but i do think there is a lot that can be gained by standing in front of a mirror and taking your own photo. want to know what it is? 

well read the magazine won't you?


Mademoiselle Michael said...

toldjya you can write.

i'm still learning to let go of the fear of pictures. it's nice to know i'm not alone, and that it gets better.

Anonymous said...

exciting. for a womyn who was once afraid of photographs... to become a photographer. :)

Lorna Diwa said...

Loved this article - so necessary in the world of blogging and written in a way that articulates a lot of what everyone's thinking to themselves when they want / have to self-portrait.

Jo said...

i had never heard of gadchick! thank you for the intro! and, i really enjoyed your contribution. i'm a fan of the self portrait myself, and it was a fun and sweet read! :)