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i think i'll look back on 2011 as the year i was made bold by a love of music and the weight of a camera against my chest:




johnny flynn 6

these are the songs that will tell the story of this year. these are the songs i carry in me. these are the songs that will remind me of my first-ever-concert in boston, the long cab-ride to brooklyn, how music marks time and makes circles, of all the things i learned in chicago this summer.

i will remember what song i was listening to when i took the subway downtown to face my greatest fear, my greatest love, to mark the passage of could-have-been lives.

it will be the beginning of the soundtrack for when i finally get around to making my own cameron crowe coming of age film.

this past year was magic. heartbreaking and difficult and monumental and heaven-sent in so many ways. i may not yet have the words to adequately sum it all up, and my photos may not do it justice, so until i take the time to hash it all out, i offer up these melodies...


debbiecutieface.com said...

the title of this post - what a lovely way to describe this year.

wildchild said...

Even without words, you describe it perfectly. Glad you had a good year, meg :)

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i always think of you when i hear The Head and the Heart!

Katie said...

is that Noah & the Whale in the first picture? If so, jealous!

Sonja said...

ah yes, music can explain it all!
love your version of a year round-up.
Happy New Yearrrrrr!!!
I wish you all the best in 2012!!! :o)

Ana Magdalena said...
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wildchild said...

also, love the playlist. thanks :)

jill said...

Thanks for introducing me to some really great music throughout the past year!

Kate said...

I love this. Just, yeah. I'm listening to your playlist now as I try to catch up on the all the blogs I follow.

missy. said...

such a beautiful list. i've seen ptm do a live show for a small amount of people in utah before their big show that night. amazing. jay may? beautiful voice. avett brothers, love them. the stars are amazing. found them off the o.c. series years ago.

we have similar music tastes and i think this is a great way to share the way your year went.