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a love letter to our future life (the vespa dream).

we're gonna have a black vespa, you and i.
for the two of us, it'll have to be black.
we'll tackle manhattan with that vespa.
find the perfect basket to fit our groceries,
abandon it on nights when we've drunk
too much at our favorite west village haunt.
returning the next morning for a restorative mocha
before we push in the key and speed back home. home,
where we'll collapse in bed with groans and giggles
and pass out till late afternoon. i'll wake to find you looking
right at me: lets do it again, you'll say. a slow smile will fill
me as i burry my head in that special, sloping valley
of your neck and you'll know i am
lost. i am yours. and i will go. of course
i will go.


Alivia said...

Found your blog through Emily's Follow Friday post (emilykaatherine.com)

This is so simply beautiful. I'm having a hard time explaining how much it both breaks and warms my heart.

Chelsea said...

i just wanted you to know... that now when i put my makeup under my eyes... i DAB it, only because of your tutorial. haha. i realize this is random, but clearly important! xoxo

Ana* said...

your writing is so addictive, I have to make time to check your blog "everyday" regardless of how busy I am.

I know you hear this all the time, but you're a GREAT, GREAT writer!

Bridget said...

can i have this life with you? i can leave the baby home with steve.

maybe minus the neck-burrowing but everything else?

seriously, you're a great writer.

viktorija said...

But what happened to the red Vespa? :( Beautiful writing, Meg, seriously.

Emily said...

Meg, I really liked this. Hope your summer is going well! You are awesome.

mia said...

Aw, I loved this! It's the magic you find in the everyday that makes life sparkly special and romantic :)

wildchild said...


Alex said...

This needs to be published somewhere. It's simply magical.

EttaGrace said...

ugh. i just love how your write... so perfect... sigh.

Georgette said...

Oh Meg,

You are so incredibly talented.

Your writing is simply golden.

Life affirming beauty.

xo Georgette

Anonymous said...

Utter and total *SWOON*
Love this! ♥

whitney said...

Love this. So beautiful, Meg.

The Lewicutt's est 2006 said...

Ohhhh, I love!!!

Reminds me of the *us* pre-baby.

withoutizy said...

Oh my gosh! YES

Anonymous said...

As reading your beautiful texts, I'm wondering, have you ever considered to not find that man of your dreams? To not get married one day?
In fact you're one of the most adorable, most beautiful girls out there, but sometimes thing might not just work out the way we want them.
So I was wondering, what if...?

Anonymous said...

You are so talented, and these dreams that you have and write of are previews of what's to come in your life :)

wilybrunette said...

@anonymous: as someone who got a degree in acting--studied four years of college to do that and only that, and is not doing it, trust me when i say that i am acutely aware that often life veers off from what you dream of. i may not find the man, and i may not find the vespa, and that's okay. these letters are not exact formulas i'm plotting, but more of an idea, a suggestion of a future filled with adventure and fun and love--whether it be with one person or many. what if...indeed. (maybe it'll be even better than i ever dreamed). one can hope! xo.

Emily said...

Oh that sounds just marvelous! I would love a day like that myself. You will have that, my dear!

Mackenzie said...

i just let out a full body sigh. meg, you simply are something.

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...


Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

legit gave me goosebumps.

Danielle V. said...

This is absolutely perfect. I wish I had something more substantial to say. But I just... this made me smile so very much.

Thanks for sharing :)


Anonymous said...

But...what if you fell in love with someone who didn't want to live in New York? Then you would have to ditch the vespa and the west village and mochas and all those other inanimate, material expectations about what you expect from love/romance.

I guess my real question/fascination with not just you but everyone who pins a lot of romantic expectations on inanimate objects/foods/locations is: have you ever been in a real relationship/love?

This sounds like a snarky and mean question but I am genuinely, honestly curious. I'm sure you'll delete this but it was worth a shot.

wilybrunette said...

dear anonymous:

i only find the comment snarky/mean because you drew attention to that 1. by posting it anonymously and 2.by underrating me so much to think i'd just immediately delete it.

the vespa dream and all these little notes--i write about the small things because they are a way in. something tangible. but they aren't really about the things or items or what can be touched. they are a portal (for me) to dream about the big stuff. when i write about the west village and vespas i'm trying to touch on adventure. whimsy. a zest for life.

i work very hard and want very specific things for my future so don't be fooled: i am more than keenly aware of a need for the practical. it's about finding a balance.

if i fall in love with a man from india or south carolina, so be it. i'm not set on new york. i'm not really set on anything. i imagine we'll the two of us decide, together. and i am also aware that each man is a world unto himself--each man offers the promise of a different life. life with an actor will be very different than life with an investment banker, writer, zoologist and on and on.

i'm twenty-five. i have had relationships. but they are mine. private. and it's my choice to share only bits and pieces of those relationships here. by the same time i'm still quite young. and that i've not yet found "the one"--if such a thing exists--is just fine by me as well.

with appreciation,

Nicole Marie said...

you are seriously an amazing amazing writer

Jennifer M. said...

Oooh I want this!! So romantic. I hope that someday someone looks at me like that.

Clio is ainm dom. said...

beautiful! i very much hope that one day soon you meet this man :)

Gabby said...


love this.