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a little beirut love.

i don't believe i properly expressed just how good the beirut concert was a few weeks back.

or just how much i'm looking forward to the new album.

there seem to be three new songs floating around out there: santa fe, port of call, and east of harlem (the last of which is now available on itunes).

and all three, in my humble and unskilled opinion, are among his best.

this morning, with coffee in hand, and a whole slew of new york photos to look through, i can't stop listening to this.


Jenni Austria Germany said...

oh, you know how i feel about ZC.
and his hair.
(you do, don't you?)

wilybrunette said...

lol, of course my dear. but i have to tell you the guy who plays the trombone (hard to see in this video) is pure heaven with his button up oxfords and side-swept blond hair. i just don't understand these girls who hav only one type!

Maria said...

I just saw them at Bonnaroo. They were amazing.

jess said...

Love it! I always adore legitimate musical talent. I will have to watch for when they have a concert in my areas.

Mackenzie said...

oh zach condon. what i'd give to be held by him as close as he does that ukulele. i mean, what? huh?

withoutizy said...

I first found a Beirut song on your page, and I must admit I'm madly in love. +++1 on the Zach fangirlness.

A Girl Named Leney said...

Oh my goodness I saw them at the Norva just last month! Oh how lovely they were indeed (especially Mr. Condon....) one of the best shows I've ever been to.