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easter 2011

happy easter

how many squares do you count?

setting the set


lovely ladies 2

on the hunt

egg hunt

egg coloring with the club

a few very, very good men

egg dye and blue fingers

this easter i attended mass at a church i'd never before been. i sat there in the foreign pews and thought of all the churches before this one. of my catholic upbringing--of how deeply ingrained it is, of its cultural power and pull. i sat in those foreign pews and cried sweet, repentant tears as i marveled at the feelings of deep loneliness and love and uncertainty and utter happiness that existed all at once. the wonder of that--of the complexity and absurdity and absolute loveliness of this life!

easter was  divine. i felt God in my morning service and its accompanying salt-tears. i felt Him in the walk from 175 to 181st. in my chai latte and the clean apartment newly made home. i felt Him in the warmth of my friends' greetings and the communion of old friends meeting new (sometimes i can't believe how many good people i know).  

the egg-dye, egg-hunt, and egg-wars were all just icing on the proverbial cake. 

(and yes, my fingers as i type this are still blue. and might just be for days to come. time will tell. what can i say, i take my art {all art} seriously).


MandyJean said...

Fun! Sounds like a very lovely Easter :)

Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

This is why I love you.

And I'm obsessed with your apartment.

And I have those very same anthro bowls.


sarah nicole said...

What a good day you had! I'm glad. : )

Love all the purple round you apartment.

xo and Happy Easter!


Kate said...

That's what I like about being Catholic, even if you're in a different church in a different city it still feels like home.

And I just want to say that your apartment looks so cute and comfortable!

Brissa said...

what a glorious easter. it's amazing how strong the love of God is -- finding us everywhere we need Him to be.
i have never before coveted an apartment as much as i covet yours.

emilia. said...

easter is so lovely. he is risen.

sara said...

it looks and sounds like you had an amazing easter, good! here's hoping the rest of your week is just as lovely

::: Wild lola/Naia said...

you had a great time, many things happen in easter... we had great easter vacations here too

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great Easter: fun, friends, and a religious revival!

Daina said...

Hey! I recently discovered your blog through Jenni @ Story of My Life and I love it! I also live in NYC, and it is always fun and interesting to see the city through someone else's eyes. Especially because in my eight years in the city I have (eek) never been up to your part of the city!

Looks like you had a wonderful Easter. Thanks for the great post and I look forward to following you! Here is a link to mine if you want to check it out... lately it is more about Florida, but should be back to city life soon!



Anonymous said...

Toothpaste may help to get rid of that blue coloring.

-Maria- said...

love this post, thanks for sharing, this is something I think about, especially on religious holidays- how lovely the way in which you experienced God.

Anonymous said...

Fun pictures! Beautiful post! And I'm loving the colorful fingers. :)

Camilla Leila said...

this is perfect. i wish i could have been there.

oh this makes me miss you terribly.

Ana* said...

I teared up a little in church yesterday. it felt so nice to be there, to experience the symbolism behind the service

viktorija said...

I'm Catholic too and I loved your paragraph about being in church...very poignant. Happy Easter Monday!

Cara-Mia said...

Lovely post.

I am Catholic & went to Catholic school for eleven years. Talk about ingrained. :)

Jo said...

i love everything about your Easter Sunday. there's something so beautiful about going to mass in a church where you'd never been. the way you describe the combination of feelings really moves me.
lovely lovely post!

Laura Darling said...

Haha the blue dye is so funny. That's a sure sign of a serious egg dyer. Glad you had a nice Easter!

Georgette said...

How beautiful Meg.

I too was moved to tears while attending services during Holy week. I am deeply grateful for the moments when I feel Him with heartbreaking certainty, how utterly breathtaking and truly divine His Love is.


Vanessa said...

Isn't Easter just the most wonderful holiday? There's something so special about it. It gives so much hope... A fresh start.

On a different note, your apartment is lovely! My boyfriend and I are looking for a new apartment in New York (he lives there already and I am moving from Sweden). Any chance I can talk you into giving up your place? :-)