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dreaming of...

it's grey and wet here in new york. and cold.
i can hardly fathom how long this winter has gone on.
i have yet to take my inaugural spring walk through central park. yet to enjoy an afternoon sitting on the benches in fort tryon. yet to consume my first sidewalk meal of the season (and much as i don't care for the city sometimes, eating outside as the crowds careen by is one of the great joys of my life).

but i believe--i have to believe--that spring is near. that time of year when i can subsist on nothing but iced lattes--when the feel of an ice cream cone in my hand against a breeze that promises summer is the highlight of the fading day.

so the promise--or hope--of spring has me thinking of clean lines, lace curtains, white, bay windows, stripes, and...breakfast foods (as it turns out).


Cinnamon buns


afternoon tea for lunch


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molly YEH! said...

amazing. lace curtains!! and breakfast foods!!!
and p.s. i love that you used roboppy's picture of cinnamon buns... i met that girl last year and she is hilarious! i'm so jealous of her photo skillz.

Mackenzie said...

oh meg. this is so dreamy! i can just see you now, in five years; living in europe with the man of your dreams, little kids running around as you are looking through lace curtains eating your ice cream cone. i can totally see that.

Jennifer Rod said...

btw, i had those cinnamon rolls just yesterday. delicious. :)

amy said...

your blog stole my heart~ it's absolutely purrrfect. all of your imagery and sweet words

following and can't wait for future postings

amy !

Ashley said...

I 100% agree. It's a cold day her in Northern California as well. Snow and such.... Blah!
Eating outside is the best! I sometimes take my lunch to a park and sit on a blanket and eat. Usually by myself and just enjoy the sounds and smells of Spring!

Ms. Chapatti said...

this is exactly what im dreaming of. I'm coming to new york in the summer and I want it to be just that. With iced vanilla lattes.
sigh dream

viktorija said...

I must admit that here in Western North Carolina, spring has already hit - it's 71 degrees today! But don't worry - you'll get your NY spring soon! Is that your apartment in the pics? LOVE it - so much character. ;)

Arianna @ laughter + linguini said...

Those photos, so beautiful. I can feel the breeze and taste the ice cream! Summer, please come to the northeast :)

Anonymous said...

let's hope your spring gets there quick (i bet those white legs are hanging for a taste of warmth & sunlight!)

Kate said...

This really could not have been described better. But substitute the iced latte and ice cream with Carmel Frappes and flavored ice.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

pretty sure i want to save every one of these images and look at them twice a day for the rest of time.

Mary Q. Contrary said...

Hey Meg,
I have been following your blog for quite a while. I used to live on the east coast and recently just moved to Hawaii. 3 days ago recent. haha. I started a blog when I moved out here. It's got all the sunshine and warm weather radiating out of it. If you'd like to take a look. The pictures should chase away those cloudy greys. Love your blog!!