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my manhattan: time in the kitchen, old friends, new friends, and colored tiles

the bronx

famous banana bread

making peanut butter


stunning monica

mac "un" cheese

dinner party: brooklyn

girls night

the weather in new york this week was such that i threw open every window of the apartment as often and as quickly as possible. with an uncharacteristic amount of time on my hands i took to the kitchen (where, as it turns out, the cuisinart is changing my life). i made sweet potato pancakes, peanut butter from stratch, a vegan version of mac and cheese, and--the now tried and true--banana bread. i was also fortunate enough to visit with my absolutely stunning (and smart, to boot) friend, monica who this summer will tie the knot with her charming love of six (seven?) years. sigh. where did that time go? and the week rounded out with a dinner party in brooklyn where i met with some of the most intelligent and charming women i've had the pleasure to know in quite some time. when my father asked me what such forward-thinking ladies speak about when gathered together for an evening of good food and lots of wine, i replied: boys, of course. 


Emily Anne said...

Meg, you're fabulous-as-ever. And must say, I love your blog maybe even more (is this possible?) with the addition of your new camera and lovely photos.

And of course boys! I laughed, because all the girls I have ever known.... of every calibre and every country and every age...it's always about boys. Boys and food and hopes and dreams, right? xo

Lola said...

Your subway picture reminded me of the last time I was in NYC - I got in trouble for taking pictures in the subway. I'm glad to see your putting your camera to very good use. :)

Also if you could post that vegan mac n' cheese recipe I'd be forever grateful. I'm on a mission.

becky said...

Did I mention how delighted I am that you bought that camera? It makes reading your blog---which has and always will (no doubt) be enlightening and inspiring---a much shinier experience. Beautiful, beautiful words---photos---and you, you lovely lady!

allie said...

wow- your photos look great!! love it :)

xo, allie

Brittan said...

Ahh your first photo reminds me of visiting a boy in Washington Heights and going for long walks. Sigh.

Let's do have a coffee date soon. I'm back in town on Monday.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

photo #5....STUNNING! and omg please be my personal chef.

Happy Wife said...

Friends are the best... they just make the world go round. I don't know what I would do without all of the wonderful ladies in my life. Glad you've got a good bunch of them to share life with.
ps... Your pretty friend Monica is totally Ria Torres {am I right?}

Kate said...

I love it when you post pictures! The banana bread looks delicious

Brittany said...

you know i need that banana bread recipe; it looks so good! and i have to admit, i totally geeked out for a second that you're friends with ria from lie to me. one of my favorites. i'm intrigued about the peanut butter. was it labor-intensive?

Jennifer Rod said...

These pictures are amazing. :)

Kate said...

love the life that's coming through in this post. thank goodness for spring!

Claire Kiefer said...

You and all your friends look so beautiful and happy. And your friend Monica? (she's the one by herself with the curly hair, yes?) She is stunning! And what enviable hair.

Happy you had what seems to have been a delightful week. :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great time. All of that food looks SO good! :)

Ana* said...

I am loving the photos, specially the 7th one

jdavissquared said...

your photos are lovely!

homemade peanut butter? sounds delightful!

Anonymous said...

Holy Smokes! That's Ria Torres! I LOVE her on Lie to Me!! :) Also, you've inspired me to try my hand at homemade peanut butter!! Have a great rest of the week! -Jess

Jane said...

I want your banana bread recipe! I'll check back {of course I will} to see if you post it :)}

{or jane...}

Just Another Girl said...

I love how you throw that pic of Monica in like its no big deal. Haha.