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twinkle, twinkle.

a washington heights holiday

holiday decorations have returned to my little corner of the island.

which means one thing:

i spend my days wondering when my daniel-day-lewis-of-a-canadian-tree-farmer will arrive on 181st just east of fort washington and i might get myself a little holiday cheer.


Ashley said...

don't you just love it?! it makes me giddy to see the lights and decorations! I can't wait to get my Christmas tree! =)

D&D said...

its funny. i think it was three xmas' ago i met a handsome burly tree farmer guy selling trees in astoria. very daniel day lewis-esque. i remember thinking: thats what i want. a real manly man that smells like fresh air and pine. it was my xmas wish!

then in august i met a maine man that smelled just like that. and christmas has been better ever since.

Jessica said...

I am so excited to finally be living in NY for this time of year!!

Shanley said...

thanks - I thought of you almost immediately! How have you been? I'm moving to DC - so if you come to visit, we have to meet in person!

Jay said...

Did he show up yet? :)