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dear husband-to-be,

turns out i may not be so much of a city-gal as once was thought.
and i want the blinds pulled up, the curtains drawn, the windows open as much as possible.
i don't do well with dishes in the sink.
and i'll need you to remind me to do things every once-and-a-while, like pick up paper-toweling at the grocery store.
i want pictures everywhere and beautiful dishes.
and a garden outside. a yard, even.
i want the ability to obtain home-grown beef-steak tomatoes. (have you had them with garlic, balsamic vinegar and a little feta? nectar of the gods, i say. nectar of the gods).

will you be okay with these things?

that's all. for today. i suppose.


Jane said...

I love letters to Husband, Meg. I got a journal when I was in Vienna this summer and I'm compiling a book of my own -- inspiration from you!

7upkels said...

What a beautiful header, and what a beautiful letter. (Rhymed! Haha) I think about things like this alll the time. I don't know how small town I could get, but I definitely decided that living in a city isn't something absolutely mandatory either!

hayden said...

I am in the midst of figuring out where in the city/country equation I want to fit myself, too. I want the culture/people/food of the city with the garden/household/life of a small town. I'm still working on it.

dull boy said...

...never heard of 'beef-steak' tomatoes so i'm off to grab a couple - and some garlic, balsamic vinegar, & feta of course.

... everything else is right up my alley

(i'd also like a dog, say a staffy)

{av} said...

Loved your letter :) you should absolutely find someone who will be ok with these things! I'd like to think I'm more city-gal than I actually am...but like you, I'm becoming ok with the prospect of having a quieter (and happier!) life! xo

Ash said...

Hey MEG! I love this. Also, I love your header.

I still dream about what my life will be like, even though I'm already married.

Life's nice like that--you don't ever have to stop dreaming.

J.Cee said...

This is sweet. Very idyllic picture (the header and the picture described in your words). Hope you find that special someone.

Cas said...

Being a little granola is a good thing.
Leaving a little granola in the sink is not.
(Love your little letters!)


Roxy Te said...

The city does get quite trying at times. Such a love/hate relationship ten times over in one day. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Meg!

Ana* said...

Oh Meg! I absolutely love this. I like the variety the city life offers, it's like there's always something to do. But there’s nothing like a relaxing house in a small town, especially if it has a garden and you get to share it with your prince and a puppy.

Tucker said...

this is the sweetest thing ever. i know you'll find someone who loves every inch of who you are. i mean, how could he not?? you're adorable. (:

Camilla Leila said...


couldn't agree more

with all of it!

angela hardison said...

that's a perfect little list.

and love your (new?) header!

sydney with a y said...

you've definitely inspired me to start writing letters to my future husband to be

loving the new header btw!

Kelly said...

love this! adorable and I agree with pretty much all of it! : )