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yesterday morning i took my first physique 57 class.

with natalie teaching.

and my friend victoria by my side.

i thought. i was going. to die.

the only thing i could do was laugh through the entire class.

the first ten minutes consisted of something cleverly-entitled skiing.

let me very clear: there are few things i like more than hitting the slopes--from a very young age this has been true (see below photo as evidence):

from a wee age: "to the slopes" i'd say

but after the first ten minutes of physique skiing my legs were shaking uncontrollably.

in fact, i have no idea how i survived the rest of the class.

but i did.

and the promise of a slimmer waist is just so darn seductive.

yes, yes a healthy, fit body, healthy heart--all that is appealing too. in fact, that is the primary goal.

but let's be honest: new york is small. and ex-boyfriends abound. and one wants to look good when...well... you know how the girl psyche works.

so tomorrow morning i return. for more torture. and i cannot wait.


off switch said...

haha! good for you meg!

iheartkiwi said...

you go girl! who doesn't want to look smokin' hot when they run into their ex :)

i have been so bad about going to the gym since school started up again... you're my workout inspiration!

christine said...

I felt like that when I went to my first Pilates-Barre class. I couldn't wait to go back.

Good luck on getting stronger!

Liv said...

I teach fitness classes but by no means am I an expert! I did a turbokick demonstration 2 weeks ago and it kicked my butt! I'm so bad at it, but I figure that laughing my way through it enhances the workout, right?

ahlin said...

saaaame reason i do pilates. it kicks my trash. but i keep going back....

Krysta said...

About 1/2 way through my first Physique 57 class I had to step out of the room bc I thought I was going to pass out. I came back in to finish the class but oh man, it was really difficult to make myself go back in!

Sara said...

I ordered the videos and have had them for about 2 weeks and love them so far, make you feel so good, wish there was a studio in Houston! Excited to see what you think!!

Chelsea said...

it will pay off in the long run. that's how i feel about working out too. it's hard but being in shape and feeling good about yourself is worth all of the pain and torture!

Emily said...

No kidding. I'm in a Jazzersize class right now just because I needed to mix things up. I wouldn't say that I am the most out of shape person, but I think after this I was in denial. Death seemed like a happier alternative. Try getting out of bed in the morning after something like that. I literally had to throw myself out. ROFL! Good job Meg! Hang in there! =)


Camilla Leila said...

if i lived there i would TOTALLY do this with you. i've wanted to try it forever.

buns of steel girl, buns of steel.

International Woman of Mystery said...

I love your blog, so I've given it a Lovely Blog Award. Stop by when you get a chance!


Jo said...

What is this physique 57 of which you speak? ;)
No, really....I've not heard of it! I'm so curious!!
Sounds pretty amaaaazing!

m.estelle said...

you are a superstar.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Nice work! I've never heard of that kind of class though, it sounds really interesting!

Jennifer M. said...

Yeah! Good job! Don't give up!! :)