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broken screen

i got home from work thursday night at two in the morning.

and then woke the next morning around 7:30 to find i had shattered my computer screen. yup, shattered. don't ask how.

i then proceeded to sleep twelve hours friday night. and twelve again on saturday.

i've been feeling overwhelmed and stretched and exhausted. the past week has felt like three. and it's been so great because i'm busy and working hard and really taking the time to do good things for myself. but i need to find a balance.

i can't imagine i'll be doing much blogging this week since my computer is in the careful hands of those mac genius guys.

so until then...


Sonja said...

Awww hope your Mac feels better, and that you have a good rest of the weekend :o)

Anonymous said...

meg, i know how you feel.
i've slept so much over the last few nights and when i wake up i'm still feeling tired, exhausted and unbalanced.
i think it's really important to find the balance of it all that works for you (I'm still looking to find mine).
have a wonderful sunday (despite the broken screen) and maybe we can find the balance together.

Anonymous said...

btw, i totally love your blog. you are such an inspiration and reading it makes me feel good, inspires me and gives me hope.
i send you a hug , ju.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine how much that stinks. When you get your computer back up and running please stop by my blog and accept an award that I gave you!

Rachael said...

I'm sorry your computer is broken and I hope you find your balance.

Charlotte said...

wow, I shattered my Mac screen this weekend as well! Unfortunately, I know how I did it... ugggh. My husband's computer is like a dinosaur, and so unfamiliar... I need my Macbook back!

Sydney said...

Just found your blog! You ARE a brunette bombshell! Seriously, you're gorgeous and your blog is adorable!