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weekend getaway: austin

i took to the texas highway this weekend to visit my friend whitney in austin where she's just begun law school.

i wish i could describe just how much i love the city of austin. it's different from all others in texas: the terrain, the politics, the concentration of light.

the city is just a little bit weird. and when i say a little bit, i mean quite a bit, and in the best possible way.

it was good to be surrounded by weird. to have a good girlfriend to talk to. to eat far too much tex-mex. (even) to take in a football game {and not to worry i was outfitted in the right color}.

and of course ice cream. always, always ice cream.

university of texas tower










kara lynn said...

texmex goodness whenever you talk about it i get weak in the mouth and want to race over to the nearest texmex place. i deserve it right? with this wedding coming up this week!..

Brittan said...


also i have a friend in med school who works part time at amy's. of all the connections i have, i think that is my favorite.

Emily said...

i have never been to texas! i should visit sometime, it looks like a wondrous place.
and that ice cream looks scrumptious!

and your burnt orange comment made me laugh haha!

communikate. said...

we were T H I S close to moving to austin a few years ago. i love it!

we cracked up at how many people were wearing that awful burnt orange. not my favorite team color, but to each their own!

glad you had a great weekend!

Emily Lou said...

yay! i attend UT, and i was also at the game! it's nice to know that you're a fan! :)

Ashley said...

I have heard some really great things about Austin. I must check it out!

great pictures and it sounds like a fun weekend. :)

Cas said...

Hope you picked up a Keep Austin Weird shirt.
To wear proudly around Upper Manhattan.
Or, at least.
To pull out of your chest of drawers.
And wear on those often times nostalgic, lazy Sundays.

If you've forgotten, let me know. I'll send one through the post, (We Texans have got to represent!)


kerrie elaine said...

so happy to hear you're at home, taking in the familiar and diving back into yourself...xo

Roxy Te said...

I've never been to Austin, but my best friend worked there for awhile so I hear it's fun! Also, I really love your blog and couldn't help but to share such a beautiful post! You're a true talent...such an inspiring writer! I found myself searching for Hafiz at my local library because of the quotes you shared. Please keep it up :)

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

looks sooo fun! i have always had a thing for texas. (the first first summer fling was from there.) i would love to visit some day!

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

looks sooo fun! i have always had a thing for texas. (the first first summer fling was from there.) i would love to visit some day!

Taylor Yves said...

by the way, your illustrated header is just perfect.

Jalene said...

i want to eat ALL of that gelato.

just sayin.

Well Nice Chels said...

someday, little austin is where I'm settling down. Its so good we don't want to go back just yet, kind of like saving the best for last? Yes, actually thats exactly it.

Hope you had a wonderful time!

beatrice said...

cream vintage is basically my favorite place in the world... did you go in? if so, i hope you checked out the large bin of old hats in the back. aaaa. love.

Sara Louise said...

This post made my longhorn roots shake!! I'm homesick!
And nothing wrong with all that burnt orange... hook 'em horns!

Alex said...

Austin is, hands down, my favorite city in Texas. Everything about it is beyond wonderful. It's like a Texas oasis. Don't even get me started on Amy's Ice Cream. HEAVEN.
P.S. kinda fun to think that I was at a rival school's football game this weekend just 2 hours away from Austin!

Prianka said...

I just moved from Austin to GA for college three weeks and this post was a jolt of home.