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i almost ran over a peacock today.

i was driving home from the coffee shop today (okay, starbucks {but doesn't it sound more glamorous if i say the coffee shop}) and there on one of the backstreets of my neighborhood was a gorgeous male peacock. feathers all ablaze and aglow.

i cursed myself for not having my camera in my purse just about the same time i slammed on the brakes (okay, okay, i didn't slam, i'm a pretty good {read: careful} driver so i saw it far enough in advance, but the story is better if slamming occurs).

i'd not ever seen a peacock in the neighborhood before.

yes, when i was in fourth grade there were those two that lived several neighborhoods over and we used to drive in search of them after school. and then there was that one school in dallas that seemed to have several that would mill about campus. but none before had been spotted in mine OWN neighborhood.

this must be a very good sign.

god it's good to be home.

{this post brought to you with much love by what now appears to be a brain made of something akin to mush.}


city girl said...

Ohhhh, when you said you went home yesterday I thought you meant back here to the city. Then I read this and knew it couldn't be, haha! Enjoy your time in your "real" home!

MandyJean said...

I didnn't even know you could legally own a peacock as a pet! Haha this is to funny!

wilybrunette said...

i don't think they are owned by anyone. i think they're wild.

denise said...

My dad still has a bunch of peacocks - even white ones. I grew up with them on our farm made up of random animals.

I am glad you're home and the peacocks didn't turn into road kill. ;)

J. said...

They've got peacocks running loose in the zoo here... got chased by an aggressive one a couple of years ago. XD

Nikki and Collin said...

that's really cute. I'm glad you didn't really run him over.

Becca said...

Oh my gosh how hilarious is your title!
I actually saw your blog on another blogroll and had to click over, with a title like that.

You made me laugh out loud, and look stupid IN A COFFEE SHOP!
Ha ha ha ha I just love you :)

Paige said...

oooooh that was MY school in Dallas! Greenhill! That was such a great addition to the campus.

But my, how fantastic you saw one wandering around on it's own...I've never seen one outside Greenhill (or the zoo)

wilybrunette said...

oh Paige, the greenhill campus is so fantastic!! you lucky girl, you.