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this is just to say.

i drink pellegrino. with lemon if i can.
and i don't eat meat. if i can help it. for environmental reasons.
i'm never gonna choose a sushi place for a night out.
and i prefer the expensive cheese.

i understand there are choices i have made that others consider odd. elitist even.
choices that make me seem like a snob.
but they are my choices.

because at the end of the day i say bless you when someone sneezes.
i say please, and thank you.
and i always introduce my plate to the dishwasher.

i believe in honesty. even if i'm not always good at it. even if it's not always easy.

i believe there are ten million ways to pray. ten million ways to honor God.

i believe that i was raised by two of the best, most honorable people in the world.
and i believe they have instilled within me the skills to be a good person--the need to be a good person.

so, perhaps our beliefs are different. and perhaps the manner in which we live our lives occasionally refuses to align. but i will not apologize for who i am or the choices i have made.
call me elitist, call me snobbish. i refuse to shrink myself to some smaller, more palatable version that sits quietly at the dinner table and poses politely for the family portrait.

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Brittan said...

ah, i see you're experiencing all sides of utah. this is me reaching through cyberspace to give you a hug and invite you out for a night of expensive cheese and conversation when you get back to the city!

Brittany said...

i always feel like i have to apologize for thinking a certain way or making the decisions i make. i hate that. and pellegrino, huh? i'll have to try that.

Shell said...

i love every bit of this!!! especially towards the end, iv been feeling like this lately and i couldnt have said it better!!

-Shell <33

Larissa Wunder said...

you are awesome! And I feel the same way...just another background :)

IIDA said...

Well, if you were over here in Europe, you wouldn't be considered elitist in the slightest. Elitism is relative, as most things are. Hope you're doing well!

Ritika said...

and i guess this is what i needed, right now. it's as if you have written this just for me, for my current state of mind. i am always so eager to fit in and apologetic every time i do not blend in.
however, now i am trying to drift away from my current state

AbbieBabble said...

I love this. The northeast may be snobby and elitist at times, but we do get some things right. I'm so sorry you're having a rough time right now. Here's hoping things get better asap.

Roxy Te Owens said...

Own it, sister!

Lola said...

After all this time reading your blog I may not "know" you but I sense a genuine kindness and goodness in you, and frankly I think that's all that matters. Be kind and good - the rest are just details.

tanuki said...

ok fine, i won't make you eat sushi with me ;)

it takes a lot of courage to be unapologetic about life. i'd like to improve in that department if i could. thanks for being motivating!

Cassie said...

Not a snob, or elitest...just you entirely you...not someone else's you. You are wonderful!

MissAlyssa said...

i love this post and i love expensive cheese :)

Millar said...

It's hard to believe that anyone who has met you would think you were a snob. You're not.

Jenn Woodward said...

I'm not sure how else to get ahold of you besides through this little comment box but I'm free around 3 everyday for lunch. Let me know what day would be best for you :)

defining amy said...

gosh. i love this. you're not a snob at all. you're just you. people who make you feel odd, just don't know who they are. yet. and likely, they're just trying to be like every body else.

alisha said...

my two favorite words!! expensive. cheese.

i heart you. xoxo.

jess said...

I believe that is called knowing who you are.. no need to apologize to anyone if you've discovered what it is you like and are true to yourself!!!

I love most things that are expensive.. I hope that one day I can afford all things I love ;)