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closing learly

1. our performance schedule is changing!!!

we've decided to cut our run short a bit because (1) the school year is starting up (2) no one wants to burn out and (3 {which only applies to me, but i'm most excited for}) i get to spend more time in texas with my mom and dad before heading back to new york.

so here we go...the remaining shows:

August 27 Pioneer Park, 500 W Center Street, Provo, 7 pm

August 28 Memorial Park @ 800 E and Center Street, Provo 7 pm

August 30 Memorial Park @ 800 E and Center Street, Provo 7 pm

Sept 2 the Duck Pond @ 800 N, BYU 7 pm

Sept 3 the Duck Pond @ 800 N, BYU, 7 pm

Sept 4 Pioneer Park, 500 W Center Street, Provo 7 pm

Sept 6 Memorial Park @ 800 E and Center Street, Provo 7 pm

(also note that next saturday night {the 28} we were meant to perform in salt lake, but will do the show here in provo because of the expense and time involved in traveling. i do hope that if you were planning to attend you still might. we'll make it worth your while and i'd love to meet all you gorgeous people.)

i do hope if you're in the area (or nearby) you'll make a trip. last saturday night we had a great turnout and it was so much fun. and i loved getting to meet some of you! so please come and for the love of all that's good in this world say hello!! (i promise i don't bite and i won't think you're odd).


2. my contact info has changed. for questions and comments and such please email me at wilybrunette@yahoo.com. i have changed my email for several reasons. (1) i'm hoping it helps me organize my life a bit and aids in my ability to respond in a prompt and kind fashion. (2) it streamlines the blog--my twitter is under the same name. (3) because i'm realizing privacy might be something to hold fast to as much as possible in this internet era, and i'm not willing to give up the blog or my need for honesty


Isadora Gometti said...

beautiful image

Wendy said...

I'll be there on the 3rd!

LJ said...

coming on the 3rd. super excited.

Anna said...

I just found out there's an ever so slight chance I could make it to Provo this weekend!! How do I go about getting tickets? And do I run too much of a risk trying to get them night of?


Mandee lost her individuality. said...

I may come. I want to come! I will be in Utah this weekend to celebrate my little sister's birthday (she's 13! aaak!). No promises. For her birthday, she does what she wants. But what better way to introduce her to real shakespeare? I can't think of one. She would love it.