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Texas - Day 2 of 7

it never rains here.

and i'm from texas where rain is practically a religion.

i love utah, i really do.

but what i wouldn't give for the sky to open up right now...

and to fill me.

i would like to be filled with rain.

yes, that will be my prayer for the next few days.

i won't think of how hard these last two weeks have been.

and i won't think of the uncertainty of the future.

i won't think of my mistakes and many failures.

i'll think about tiny droplets of water. millions of them. plummeting towards the earth. sinking into the ground. tiny droplets of water cleansing the landscape and encouraging growth.

yes, for these next few days i won't pray for life to get easier or for me to be better or for a sudden windfall and the promise of a trip to europe.

i will pray for rain.

yes, just a little rain.


kara lynn said...

beautifully written. i feel exactly the same way. i would love to live somewhere where it rained often. by the way. checked the weather forecast. possible thunder storm tomorrow. i will keep my fingers crossed for rain.

gigi said...

I'm praying for rain too. I hope that possible thunder storm will become a definite thunder storm.

emily said...

it will happen. it will be short lived (not like eastern rain storms) but it will happen, i promise.

sarah nicole said...

Amen, lady. Rain would be so nice right now. We got a bit up north yesterday, but just not enough. I'll pray too!

Cas said...
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Cas said...

And when it does.
Go outside.
Legs spread wide.
Chin up.
Drink it in.

Then splash around in those puddles.


Minnie said...

The one thing I loved about living in Utah was the thunderstorms--they will come--and when they do the thunder echoes off the mountains. It is amazing.

Minnie said...
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jess said...

it's too bad you weren't here this spring.. all it did was rain- and it was wonderful!

I love the rain.. the smell before, during, and after.. and feeling like the earth is clean for a bit.

I like to stand outside while it is raining and let it wash away my problems- afterwards I always refreshed!

Here's to your prayers being answered and a little rain this weekend!

iheartkiwi said...

there is nothing like the smell of the desert after it rains... luckily for me it's monsoon season here in arizona.

i'll send a little your way :)

Jacob C. said...

I used to hate rain..
but now I like it.
I just dont like getting my shoes wet, or the smell of it.
But, I think it's pretty.

Miss Wendy said...

If only you were a little farther north yesterday.......I experienced one heck of a short lived downpour at my house.

rori said...

Yep-i'm in Park City UT and it thundered and rained and hailed for hours yesterday!

Ritika said...

you know what, as i read this.. it's raining here.. raining a lot... wish you were here and enjoy the rains as much as i ma .. right now

Sera said...

i totally agree with you! i wish we could get a really good rainstorm here!

CrowNology said...

i just took a long walk in the rain...
i thought of you for a moment, pulled the umbrella from over my head, looked bare faced into the night {wet} sky and wished the drops of ~life~courage~strength~change~growth~erosion~ to you...
all will be washed away by the tears and rains of tomorrow. know worries. no worries Meg.

Kelsey and Riley said...

you & me both. it's been hit & miss the past few days. i wish it would just stay.