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so many people enter and leave your life.
hundreds of thousands of people.
you have to keep the door open,
so they can come in.
but it also means
you have to let them go.

extremely loud & incredibly close
jonathan safran foer



Erin O. said...

I am reading this now! I started about a week ago, it was a hard book to start, but then I read more yesterday and now I am hooked. Such a good book!

m.a.f said...

oh erin, it's my absolute favorite. ever. enjoy!

ALFIE said...

oh the revolving door that is life. that is love.

Melissa said...

Your blog continues to be my favorite Meg! You always post just what I need, right when I need it. I've been dealing with the fact that a good friend of mine and I have grown apart within the past year, and I need to work on just letting him go. Thanks for this.

hayden said...

Thanks - I find it difficult to remember to let go. I also cannot seem to remember that I don't have to slam the door to keep in the ones who choose to stay for a while.

Caitie said...

this is on my top five. makes my heart break and feel incredibly full, all at the same time.

BreakingOutOfTheShell<3 said...

Oh thank you for posting this! I amm off to purchase this book now!
Your Blog continues to be my absolute favorite!!


Anonymous said...

so true! wow!

Lauren Rice said...

Absolutely love that book.

J. said...

This offers some sort of comfort to what I'm going through right now. Thanks for posting it.