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pulling the same face.

three things that seem important to me when looking at this photograph:

1. i'm quite sure it was done using a self-timer
2. my adrienne vittadini outfit was worn every day of that visit
3. i am in fact making the same face as my father (which is noteworthy, because to this day we pull the same faces and i used to think it was a relatively recent development, but obviously not).

sometimes i think if there is a set amount of luck for each person in this life, i used all mine up in choosing my parents.

i have parents who actually parented. who sat us down as a family after dinner to read a book aloud, together. who held family meetings--miserable, awful things they seemed at the time, but important too.

my dad's birthday was this past weekend. and not a day goes by where i don't find myself catching my breath--awed by the daily sacrifices and hard work he has put in so that my brother and i might have every and any opportunity we choose.

my father literally gave us the gift of choice.

so if i don't say it enough (and i don't) thank you, dad.

and a very happy birthday to you.


e. del mar said...

there is nothing so astonishing as a good dad. or a good mom.

Krissa said...

what a great picture!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Dad!!!
my Dads was yesterday...and i totally know what you mean about having parents like that...i feel like i probably used up all my luck on them too..haha...we had those meetings too...hated them then but i understand them now...haha!

beautiful post!

Cassie said...

How blessed you are! Cheers to a great Dad!

xx, cbm

annie said...

I rarely ever comment (shame on me), but had to come out of the woodwork for this post. I, too, had the kind of parents you describe. The reading books, family meetings, together dinners and breakfasts kind of parents. And the older I get, the more grateful I am. We are the lucky ones. The blessed ones. If/when I become a parent one day, I only can hope they're still around to teach me just how they did it.

ria said...

My father died on 14 May this year. I am never going to see him again. I am never going to tell him that I love him, ever again. I will never be able to wish him a happy birthday again. Cherish time with your dad, with your parents. It's borrowed time.. X

Jayne said...

Oh gawd, I love my parents - and this post reminded me to further express my love. :) You and your dad look adorable by the way! I love open-mouthed grins!

mbrownfee@gmail.com said...

Lovely. But only one correction -- it was Adrienne Vittadini. Laura Ashley was so passe. And it looks like a few of us have that goofy grin. Thank God Connor's teeth turned out okay.

Bitsy said...

Ahhh man you do write some lovely posts. Love your blog hun, whats in like living in New York?? I went there once. It was amazing. The novelty of being able to get coffee at silly o'clock was enough for me. the convenience stores here are shut before 8pm so you cant even sort your chocolate fix let alone have somewhere to go and chill!
haha xx

Shannon said...

Oh Id DEFINENTLY say its a sign of good tidings. Have a good week sweet pea!

Anonymous said...

My dad died Sept 18,2009. the pain is incomprehensible! I was only 15 and he was just 41. Life is not fair. Enjoy the time with your dad; they are very special people. Me and my dad were very close.

Lola said...

I love this picture - mouths open, joy on every face. Love. It.