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last night i dreamt that a man i once loved lent me an umbrella.

i awoke feeling slightly unsettled.

does this mean the metaphorical rains are headed my way?


but maybe it also means that the umbrella will be there just at the exact moment the sky opens up and the landscape of my life begins to shift.


Mel said...

You need to write a book. I'll say it again and again. I'd be the first in line to buy it. You're an incredible writer.

And I choose to believe that the umbrella will protect you just when you need it.

Meg Fee said...

oh mel, if only i knew what to write about. i promise, i promise when i finally do, you all will be the first to know!

Ruth said...

Of course, of course. Dreams can be interpreted however we'd like.

Although, I like to think that they're always on the positive side :) Your umbrella will be there!

babs said...

To see an umbrella in your dream, suggests that you are putting up a shield against your emotions. You are trying to avoid dealing with them. It is also symbolic of emotional security. If the umbrella is leaking, then it indicates that you are unprepared with facing your problems.

Silly dream interpretation from dreammoods.com :D

*Lesli* said...

Meg-I gave you a blog award today :)

Meg Fee said...

alright babs, how's this:

the guy insisted i take the umbrella. i was reluctant. the umbrella was beat up, but in working condition. the dream ended before i ever went outside and opened up the umbrella. it was more about taking the umbrella from this guy. but the umbrella was never open in my dream.

katerpillerr said...

hello- i started reading your blog a couple of months ago. i found a link to it....somewhere....i can't recall at the moment.
but i just want to say i love your prose! it's a nice afternoon treat when i need a break from my hectic world of graphic design. your words are refreshing, peaceful and entertaining. thank you!

i'm no miss said...


Glad i'm right here and writing a comment for you :)

From 20sb.
i'm no miss

Drea said...

Maybe he's passing his emotional shield on to you. Being protective of your emotions could be a good thing, but every once in a while it's fun to dance in the rain. ;)

Jacob said...

you are great.
you take things deeply.
I love your posts.
and that is an odd dream!

defining amy said...

i think of gene kelly in "singing in the rain." maybe sometimes the best part about the rain, is learning to dance in it. :)