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through the window.

tonight i headed to the suburbs.
i stood in the large, well-lit kitchen.
i washed the lettuce. and dried it.
60 minutes on the television.
i chopped the apples, toasted the slivered almonds.
prepared a meal for the people i most love.
and i thought. this will be such a nice life i'll live,
this cooking (well, salad-making) on a sunday night in a home of my own.

but not yet.


iheartkiwi said...

there is something therapeutic about cooking a sunday night dinner for people you love...

it's like the calm before the storm of monday.

someday, if it's what you want it will be yours!

Cassie said...

Tis. It is a lovely life. A scrambled, mad life at times, but then you remember that life is very good and you're very blessed.

Cheers to you this lovely afternoon. -cbm

jessica renae said...

i dream about doing this in my own home often, and have to remind myself that it's just not quite yet. it's a wonderful thing to look forward to! and to enjoy in a little different way now, too. :)

Roxy Te Owens said...

In the small town where I grew up, it's unimaginable to not want a white picket fence, lots of land, and kids almost immediately. I couldn't be more off...baby steps for me...A one bedroom in "the city" is about all I can handle at the moment! One day for me as well... ;)

City Girl said...

I love this. There's something great about getting out of the city for a while, breathing in the fresh air and having some space. Glad you enjoyed it, even if you're not ready for more of it quite yet!

ALFIE said...

what a lovely night vision. a home of one's own. a sanctuary.

such a peaceful post.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to do this for my family someday either! I enjoy reading your posts :) They're encouraging and hopeful most times. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

that is lovely :)