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studying stars.

sometimes i can't imagine how two people ever fall in love.

it seems to me the world is a complex constellation of misdirected gazes.

her looking at him looking at that woman looking at that man looking at that girl looking at that boy looking at. the wrong her.

a zigzagging, never-ending game of connect the dots.

but i suppose, out of every million misplaced glances, there is one brief, silent, glittering connection:

two pairs of eyes meeting. and the world set ablaze.


heisschic said...

ha love the 'her looking at him looking at that woman looking at...'

my first reaction was all "THAT'S SO *OUR* STORY!"

then i realized it was probably every couples' story.

and that made me love it more.

because looking back, i had no idea then. it makes me wonder, it gives me hope, about everything i have no idea about now.

Wendy said...

Love this post. Made me want to write this: http://wendy-wilson.blogspot.com/2010/05/deef.html

Lanie said...

you have such a way with words. star gazing always makes me feel this way...

Emily said...

I've thought about this too. Why can't you receive the glance you so desperately want. I've had a glance or two like that and in those cases, it turned out that after the fireworks went away all that was left were the cinders of my broken heart. However, I know it is possible to have that glance and I think it's possible that there can still be a good guy on the other end. A lovely post as always!

Jalene said...

i absolutely love this. "complex constellation of misdirected gazes." beautiful.

write a book. seriously.

Taylor Yves said...

oh gosh i always wondered the same thing! how in the world do two people just so happen to have the same kind of feelings for each other at the same time??

Signorina Svizzera said...

i want to have this post calligraphed and framed to put on my wall.

Anne Ryan said...

I adore this. It's the prettiest wording. Thank you for sharing your thoughts :)

Anonymous said...

i agree.
great write up-
love the deep thought!

elventryst said...

Reminds me of a favorite Dorothy Parker poem:

Unfortunate Coincidence

By the time you swear you're his,
Shivering and sighing,
And he vows his passion is
Infinite, undying ---
Lady, make a note of this:
One of you is lying.

Heather said...

And once those two people have met, how do they merge their vastly different yet shockingly similar lives?

I believe that it's not the glance that grabs you, but how they act after the eye contact is made. Do they turn away, or make you theirs?

Also, you should date my brother.

The end.

Helen M. said...

Yowzers, yes. I wonder the same thing. I wonder how relationships ever work with all the thoughts and feelings in the mix.

Miraculous, yes. Awe-inspiring, double yes.

Kat said...

Your writing is fabulous!

CrowNology said...

mostly confused by how to keep it going...
i fall ~ he falls ~ we both fall down
and then
it dies
or more accurately
each time i wonder...
where did that love go?
oddly the other loves in my life
grow and grow and grow
proportionately to the deaths of the romantic loves...
spinster in the making.
need more cats. ;)
xo Meg.

jaderox213 said...


and i, too, think this story fits a lot of couples. i know with me and my honey it was just a look.

one look and i was lost.

Micaela said...

"he falls asleep on her chest
the best sleep he´d ever met
nevertheless he dreams of some stranger´s caress
so he awakes and he knows
maybe someone else is supposed
to meet his hazy anticipating eyes"

-Changing of the Seasons by Ane Brun

this post instantly reminded me of this beautiful song i've just discovered.


christine said...

Beautiful. You perfectly captured the seeming randomness of two people finding mutual attraction while staring into each others' eyes.

And I love the comments your post inspired as well.

Meg Fee said...

me too christine, i don't know that there has ever been a better set of comments. so much inspiration in them!

Mel said...

This reminds me of the beginning of "Love Stinks!" Love it. The last line is beautiful!

IIDA said...


The Rookie said...

This moves me in its sad loveliness. Honest. Stark. True.

I just finished Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake today and this post weaves in perfectly with so many of its moments.

Anonymous said...

This is just lovely.