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seeing in colors.

sometimes i like to go and just stand under the arched trees of central park.
and feel both small and big.
and safe.
to feel enveloped by green.

and remember that, while for one brief moment
i may not be able to see the blue of the sky, it's there.
it's always there.

and today i feel so darn full of blue.
(in the best possible way).


Cassie said...

I get it. completely. i love the way you embrace the tenderness of it all.

I hope it is a lovely day for you. :)


thobeka said...

oh wow, we should do a city swap... just for a day or so :)

Mel said...

Beautiful! We need to meet for a stroll through Central Park one time!

And I just checked out the blog you posted... very, very strange. And blatantly obvious. Yikes. Hope it all gets cleared up.

On the bright side, I love your new header!

laura marie said...

So beautiful! I love having my own little "spot" like that... it's sort of like that same feeling you have when you're little, sitting in your homemade fort :)

Bond Girl said...

i love little nooks that remind us we are human and a part of something SO much bigger than ourselves.

Taylor Yves said...

sounds wonderful, green is good for the soul! ps: adorable layout. i tried uploading my handwriting for my sidebars and i just wasn't savvy enough to make it work.

Shanley said...

thank you for reminding me that the blue is still there. the glorious blue. i keep missing it.

Julia said...

I always miss New York when I'm gone; I'm excited that next year I will be there all the time.

by the way, your new blog header looks great!


Courtney said...

I would love to lay under those trees.

This was such a beautiful post.

Anonymous said...

that is a stunning pic!

Anonymous said...

This post reminds me of Dream by Priscilla Ahn. Such a beautiful song: http://www.lala.com/song/576742231820783203

Shawn Tina said...

i have a photo that is eerie-ly similar to the one you posted. hmmm. it's lovely.