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i wish there could have been
an invention that bottled
up a memory,
like perfume,
and it never faded,
never got stale.
then whenever i wanted to
i could uncork the bottle
and live the memory all over again.

daphne du maurier-rebecca

via one of my new favorite
corners of the internet:


Morgan said...

I love this! I think everyone would wish for such a thing. :)

Brittan said...

I have probably read that book two dozen times. Whenever I have a memory that's triggered by smell (which happens quite a bit), I always think of this line.

Anna said...

I discovered Rebecca in 6th grade...I think my mom thought I was too young for it but it was my favorite book for years!

love said...

I love this! And it's so absolutely true!

Could you imagine if we all had a little shelf on the wall with pretty little unique bottles which held some of our favorite memories, ready to be opened and relived during quiet nostalgic moments.

I love the imagery of it! Thanks for sharing, I love you blog and your inspirational quotes!

Cheryn said...

Like in the Harry Potter story...

Cool quote

I Can't Sew

Amanda said...

I love this! And thank you for sharing the Quote Book! :)