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today is my cousin kevin's birthday.

how to describe kevin?

kevin feels like my three-year-old-soul-mate.

does that make sense? not really to me either, but that's the only way i can think to describe it.

he, more than anyone else, calls me out. he reminds me to laugh, to smile, balks at my particular brand of girl-crazy and laughingly guides me back to sanity.

but more than anything else he reminds me that life is fun. it's meant to be fun. and thank god for that.

happy birthday, kevin. and thank you.


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to Kevin! It's always awesome to be close with your cousins, they're the ones who make you laugh and remind you what's truly important =]

Kevin said...

OMG what a terrible picture of me. Thanks for not only the birthday wish but blog post. But Meg this picture makes me look like I ate something sour, didnt wash my face, didnt work out that day, not sure when to smile, and i have 6 chins. But hell your not wearing a wig so no judging. Thanks for the blog and ill ship you some now and laters.

Kelsey and Riley said...

you look gorgeous in that photo! i have been sooo busy lately and have not had time to read your wonderful blog :( but i'm trying to get caught up!