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once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl,
and her laughter was a question
he wanted to spend his whole life answering.

a history of love
nicole krauss


nicole addison said...


Meg Fee said...

me too, nicole, me too.

vintagecharm said...

Omg loved this book!

Brittany said...

LOVE that quote! when i got to that part in the book, i went to underline and highlight it until i remembered it was from the library. oh well.

KK said...

Oh my, read that book a while ago and loved it. The writing was so beautiful--made me dream of being a writer.

Miss Carrie said...

That is a beautiful quote. It also reminds me of that poem Carrie wrote for a wedding in SATC:

His hello was the end of her endings
Her laugh was their first step down the aisle
His hand would be hers to hold forever
His forever was as simple as her smile

He said she was what was missing
She said instantly she knew
She was a question to be answered
And his answer was "I do"

Jessica Lynn said...

love love love this book.

love love love your blog.

aukergirl said...

This is beautiful!

*Lesli* said...

Love it.