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happy fat tuesday!

it's the final day of mardi gras.

the last day to indulge before the lenten period of restriction begins.

what will you be eating today?

i've been waffling between giving up cheese versus the ever-present in my diet, honey and peanut butter. but that's for tomorrow. today, i will consume copious amounts of both!

hmmm. jury's still out.

all i know is i desperately wish i was in venice today. enjoying carnevale. and indulging as only roman catholic italians can!


off switch said...

happy fat tuesday meg! somehow i completely forgot about it today... i need to get eating, and pronto! {oh, and decide what it is i'm doing for lent...hmmm...}.

have a great fat tuesday/mardi gras! xo. katie

Taylor Norris said...

so, have you ever tried a honey and cheese sandwich? you have to do it today! it's my favorite.

Sara said...

Pizza may not be very traditional or classy, but that will be my dinner and I will love every single bite (after I take a Zantac)!

Lisa Piorczynski said...

Don't give up cheese!!! Give up the peanut butter and the honey. You live in NY. You'll manage to find wonderful replacements. :-)

Happy Fat Tuesday, Meg!
Much love and happiness to you.

IIDA said...

Venice during the Carnevale is wonderful. I've been there four times, all dressed up and joining the festivities. It's an incredible experience.

Brittan said...

I legit almost bought myself an entire king cake at Whole Foods last night. I wish I were joking.

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Shoshanna said...

I vote for cheese. Our bodies don't really digest dairy so well anyway :)

Sarah C said...

I devoured a Paczki in honor of fat tuesday. My very first one, and it was so delicious!

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Emily said...

Ooo Venice, how delightful! I think I am giving up clothes shopping - one of my favorite pastimes! Enjoy today!

Signorina Svizzera said...

Happy Fat Tuesday!!
I don't know what I'm giving up either...possibly chips...le sigh.
Also, don't feel too bad about not being in Venice for carnevale; I have a professor who lives in Venice (on the weekends when she isn't teaching) and she avoids it during carnevale because it is all catered to tourists now, it's no longer authentic :(
I think the wish needs to be (because this is mine- hehe) go back in time to a proper Venetian carnevale!!
Let's start getting the time-machine together, hm?

Gabby said...

There is a very nice surprise waiting for you at my blog...let's just say I hope you're not giving up soup for Lent.


Sam and Livi said...

i love carneval and lent!! my husband and i haven't been doing very well on lent however....