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little letters. as inspired by taza (of course).

introducing rob (former classmate, and dear, dear friend)
to levain cookies earlier this week.
levain has the best cookies in nyc. hands down.

to my day off:
why is it that you and productivity so rarely coincide?

dear little fingernails,
i just tonight realized that i can paint you a bright, blinding color since i won't be going into my restaurant job for almost a week. (bright nails are not allowed at said restaurant job. boo.)

dear ikea,
i'll never forget putting together my dresser in the fourth grade. my dad and i did it together and that light-wooded chest has lasted many, many years and still looks as good as the day we got it.
so why then is the dresser i got just a year-and-a-half-ago (from {yes} your store) falling apart?

dear subway conductor,
when you speak through my entire commute, it really (really) gets under my skin.

dear chocolate molten cake,
when my date last night didn't judge me (at least not too harshly) for consuming every last bit of you, i began to like him that much more.

dear sugar,
when i managed to eat the aforementioned dessert without once coming up for air, i realized it might just be time to take a week-long break.
a trial separation, if you will.

dear levain cookies,
don't worry, see you post-sugar hiatus.
(and i'll bring best friend rob along for the ride).

dear juilliard,
what has come to be our once-a-year-date this way a-comes.
interested to see how we get on this year, as compared to last.

i love you.
paired with avocado, greek yogurt, a little cheese, and scallions? perfection.
plus that yogurt is a great way to sneak in the protein i no longer get from meat.

dear health,
so glad we're back on track. a rocky start to the new year, yes, but thinking we just got it all out of the way early.

dear olympics,
i am your devotee, your great lover--aficionado. i cannot wait.

dear little, letters,
i could go on forever. best to stop now.


Courtney said...

days off and getting something useful done never coincide for me. It's okay. At least that's what I always tell myself!

oh my, I want that bullet baked potato so badly

Marci Darling said...

Greek Yogurt is the bomb dot com.

and any date who supports chocolate in mass consumption is worth a second date! Keep us posted :)

Micaela said...

terribly CUTE fun picture. Could you send me some cookies next time please? ;)

enjoy your week off! i can't wait to hear about the adventures you will have on a {prob much needed} holiday from work.

confession: i miss dates ... i enjoy living vicariously through you. I always liked the guys who thought it was refreshing that i am a girl who eats a lot, even on a first date (i am that girl)


ps. i have been in love with your eyebrows. (must go back to post where you told us your secret)

Meg Fee said...

euf. i wish it was a week off. actually, i'll be working more than usual--babysitting full time.

secret to eyebrows: waxing, that is all.

and wasn't actually the first date. third, in fact. scared to say too much. don't want to jinx it. don't want him to find all this and get weirded out by me talking about it. euf, euf, euf, euf, euf.

Girl said...

i love your little letters!

Allie said...

your friend rob - loved him even as a juilliard student. maybe the two of you?...

Taylor Norris said...

cute cute cute. good for you for not eating meat! good for you for taking a break (but not indefinite) from sugar!

sheila said...

oh, how I could add to that list and go on forever- like you said.
I'm excited for olympics too!

Meg Fee said...

lol, no ali, he's dating a very good friend, has been for two years!

Brittan said...


sigh. this is where i start living vicariously through you.

also, i too am an olympics devotee. can't wait!

olivia rae said...

oh wow, levain is a place i have STILL never been to... craving one right now. love your letters. xo

Anonymous said...
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iheartkiwi said...

that rock star friend of yours is always inspiring...

nail polish is strictly forbidden at dental hygiene school and it makes me soooo sad. i feel your pain lady!

here's to a happy healthy year!

brown eyed girl said...

I love these! Hmmm...is this date maybe the same guy from "l'esprit de l'escalier" incident?


the southern hostess said...

Great letters! I love these.

Hanako66 said...

oooooh, i hope that this date was amazing!