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what a difference a week makes.

i decided to start an early spring cleaning this year. in an effort to will spring to come. quickly. swiftly.

i reorganized my furniture: life-size tetrus.

attempted to weed things out of my storage bins: oversized junk drawers.

and in doing so i came across this card...

...from my father.

my parents are always sending me things at which i roll my eyes.

but inside was the note:

i saw this card and immediately thought of you.
i suspect you may have already used this quote on your blog.

that's all. twenty-four words.

and pulling it out and reading it over i thought of how as a child my father would print out sesame street characters from the computer and leave little notes in my lunch-boxes.

little note lunch-box days were the best.

there was never a reason.

no special occasion.

just because.

i am so thankful...

for parents who do things just because.
for early spring cleaning.
and unexpected stores of courage.
for men who make flirting easy because they're willing to meet you halfway.
for the laundromat that willingly takes my dirty socks.
for the fact that i'm the girl who never bothers to wear matching socks.
for borrowed books.
and renegade winter sunlight.
unexpected, kind emails. and loving comments.
for today and the feeling that anything is possible.


Ruth said...

What an enormously uplifting post--thank YOU for this. It's exactly what I needed to hear.

Especially the part about parents. I work at an inner city school and am constantly dealing with children who have been abused, whether emotionally or physically, by their parents. It can be so mentally exhausting, and ridiculously frustrating, especially today. I'm glad you wrote about this and being thankful, to remind me to do the same.

Happy Tuesday!

Marci Darling said...

Your list of thanks might be the greatest thing I've ever read. Thanks for lifting my spirits today!

Brittan said...

When you live by the rules on that card, you are bound to have a more difficult journey at times. I think it's unavoidable. But I also think that in the end it is so much more full and complete, and the impact that it has on the people around you (or who read your blog even) is immeasurable.

Your dad sounds awesome.

Shannon said...

You are so brave Meg. I hate spring cleaning. Thanks for the inspiration also. I feel sometimes that something is wrong with the way I do things because I care more than what it expected.

Luvs and hugs
- Shannon

Shannon said...

P.S. - Little note lunch box days were the BEST

Nobody said...

A lovely post !! and I must add , you have such awesome parents !!

olivia rae said...

your dad sounds like such a sweet person. amazing post!!

Randi Lee said...

I thought I was the only person that didn't wear matching socks on a regular basis. I always get comments if I take my shoes off at other people's homes about my socks not matching...

It made me think I was the only one...

Emily said...

You remind me of all the good things that I have going in my life! I have good parents that do things just because and I am SOOO very lucky for it! Beautiful post as always!

Taylor Norris said...

i love those lunchbox notes! my mom used to put chocolate kisses in our lunch and tell us girls to think about how much she loves us when we ate them.

ps: i'm so glad you didn't choke on the train! i almost choked on my coffee last week. and once i realized i was choking, i spit it out everywhere, covering everything except the cup i was trying to aim for :(

Fairfield said...

a little breath of fresh air?
yes, please.

Mollie McCormick said...

this just made me tear up. how sweet! you are adorable.

Anonymous said...

i love your posts!!! its soo uplifting :] and this was very sweet!!

communikate. said...

what a cute dad!

matching sox? totally overrated, and who cares.. {actually, i know some that it REALLY bothers. which is weird.}

MMW said...

I love your dad too, Meg. And I wish he was my father. Then I would have had a great growing-up AND we could be sisters.

xoxo MMW

SJ said...

Thank you for your post. I just came across your blog and I enjoying your thoughts. Thank you for sharing.



Camilla Leila said...

my mom used to draw amazing pictures on my paper lunch bags with sweet little notes. we still have a lot of the bags -- they were REAL art. i think they should be framed.

when i'm a parent i always want to do little things like that for my kids (and for my husband when i'm married) that's the kind of stuff i live for.

your dad sounds great.

and p.s. matching socks are overrated.

Ali said...

I. Love. This.

Sara said...

My mom left notes in my lunchbox until I was probably too old for her to still be making my lunch.

My friends always wanted to know what she said. They were jealous because my mom was super cool.

Sounds like your dad is super cool, too.

And I'm so proud you got your flirt on!

Kelsey and Riley said...

that is the sweetest thing that your dad would do that. i have very similar memories...thanks for helping me to look back on them :)

Hanako66 said...

i love the relationship that you have with you parents. i love this new meg!

ashley lauren said...

What an adorable dad. And what an adorable post!

kathleen said...

I love this so much. My mom used to write me little notes and put them in my lunch bag and my dad would print out these cheesy awards and fill them out for me - even in college. It was so sweet. I miss that.