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almost there.

it's quite early this friday morning.

and i am waiting for the coffee pot to fill.

my tree is looking a bit lackluster.

but i leave for home tomorrow morning (for the first time in a year {have i emphasized this enough?}.

my driver's license is renewed. and my bags are packed (well, not really, but everything i am planning on taking is in one dresser door and that's close, right?).

however, right now? right now, i am facing a full day of work.

and because people sometimes get nasty at this time of year, i am wishing i could click my red shoes (louboutins, preferably) and get home that much faster.

we'll see how i feel with that coffee in me.

happy friday!

image via tweexcore.


Marisa said...

those shoes in the pic are fab.

i hope you have a wonderful time back home and enjoy your family.

and why is it that people are so nasty this time of year? It seems like it should be just the opposite.

much love and a happy Christmas to you dear Meg.

olivia rae said...

meg i'm so excited for you!! i will be thinking of you this weekend and sending warm and happy wishes your way! i know you are going to have an AMAZING time! travel safe! woohoo! xo

Mariah said...

Have a fabulous time at home!!!
It's always nice to return to the place you grew up after an extended absence. Merry early Christmas!

missy. said...

safe journey love!

Shannon said...

Its official. My life totally and completly revolves around those shoes!! A safe journey Meg and a wonderful Christmas!

Luvs and hugs
- Shannon

Summer (BisforBrown) said...

i am thrilled you get to go home. it will reenergize you! have a blast and we cannot wait to hear all about it.

Belen said...

AH, i know what you mean about people and their nastiness around christmas. isn't this a holiday for cheer and giving and overall happiness? bleh, i hate customer service and i can't wait to leave starbucks. i've been looking for somethig more... office-y.

what helps me get through the day full of irritating people is knowing i have more brains to not be like that rude customer, that i'm better than them. and then i smile and they wonder why i'm so energetic despite their evil glares and complaints.

good luck with the rest of your day!

Krissa said...

I hope your Friday goes by SUPER fast and its good...and people are nice...

how exciting to be going home...have a safe trip!!!!

and I LOVE those shoes!!!

CrowNology said...

Happy Friday Meg.
Hopefully by now the nasty a**es are done with and you can sit with an evening coffee (or other beverage!)
Have a safe trip home.

Micaela said...

oh have a WONDERFUL time!!! and while you're at work, just think... a few more hours and then i'm done with this until i get back and i'm not thinking of that now. all i'm thinking about? is texas. family. laughter. love.

i know how you feel... my beautiful nieces are in town from italy and this weekend i have to put in long and busy night shifts at a restaurant i help out at. le sigh.

so enjoy enjoy enjoy!

ps. i do so love the ruby slippers. xoxo

Ruth said...

Yay how exciting! When I was in college, even going a couple of months without going home seemed like an eternity . . . I can't imagine a year! Have fun!

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

I hope you have a fabulous time at home!

Mel said...

Happy Friday! Love the shoes. Hope the day went by quickly for you!

Anna said...

i hope you made it before the snow storm! (i got out of DC just in time-whew!) enjoy your time in texas and have a wonderful holiday with your family! xox

Mrs. B said...

The countdown is on!

Anonymous said...
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Signorina Svizzera said...

hope your friday was alright (work wise) and you made it safely home before the big snow storm!
those shoes are too beautiful for words :)

jlc said...

SUPER cute blog!! New reader here!

Hanako66 said...

so exciting...i hope that you made it home okay!

Hermione said...

haha, love it. I want them shoes to:)