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a thanksgiving visit. a half-week party.

my parents came to visit last week.

a few things you should know:

1. i've lived in new york for 5 1/2 years now

2. i worked extra shifts over this holiday so that i could ensure a week's vacation at home (in texas) come christmas time

3. in all those 5 1/2 years i don't know that my parents and i have ever had a truly successful visit, here

i cried on the phone to my mother two nights before she came. there is this thing known as guilt, of which, as a catholic, i am well versed in. and usually the visit is an experiment in how guilty i can feel for not having enough time or energy to give to my family.

but the monday before the arrival i cleaned and scrubbed and bought new champagne glasses, and thought, come what may, i'm ready.

it got off to a rocky start when my parents arrived too soon, and i forced them to wait in the car until i had arrived home and arranged some flowers--in my mind the flowers were more important than anything else. but they took a catnap and seemed in good spirits. so i pulled out the new glasses and we toasted family, togetherness, and stolen naps.

from there we walked to the new leaf cafe, which truly set the mood for the entire trip. the restaurant was gorgeous and unlike anything we've ever experienced here in the city (which became the theme for the rest of the week). it felt like we were dining in an over-sized cabin nestled into wooded green. the food was delicious and we left giddy with excitement over our find.

thursday morning found the three of us around the television watching the parade (my absolute favorite thing to do as a child) before we set off for aunt mary beth and uncle steven's home where we would join with three of my cousins: sean, ryan, mike--and sean's fiancee sarah--and of course my brother, connor, who drove down from his new home in boston. thanksgiving day was filled with laughter, copious amounts of delicious food, and the tail-end of the movie Rudy (only one of the greatest films, and no doubt the greatest soundtrack ever), not to mention a rousing round of celebrity (a game much like charades that's now become a family tradition).

i worked all day on friday, as i had on wednesday, but my nuclear family came into the restaurant for drinks, before i sent them on their way.

after working a half-day on saturday, i joined mom and dad in the west village where we were going to see the a production of thorton wilder's our town. it was there, next to the theatre, wait for me, that my parents stumbled across the restaurant one if by land. let me first say, the it is located in aaron burr's old carriage house. you know that i love history, yes? and aaron burr was one of the names i contributed to our game of celebrity (mentioned above). the restaurant was perfection. to be fair, we stayed only at the bar, but the lit christmas tree in the corner, coupled with the live piano music, the vintage couches, and the sense of history...well, i was in heaven.

one if by land was followed by a remarkable our town, a rousing round of gelato, and walk through the west village.

this visit was divine. it felt like we all showed up for the party, you know?

and now i'm counting down the days until i get to go home. 19, to be exact.

what about you all, how was the holiday?


Sara said...

So glad to hear your holiday went well.

I think Christmas will be better because I won't have to drive 20 hours total to enjoy it. Blerg.

Mrs. B said...

You're a lucky lady...I see your parents love you very much. Next time, screw the flowers.

Anna said...

sounds like a great thanksgiving and family visit! you've convinced me to try one if by land next time i'm in nyc!

Birthday girl said...

It was the best!! Thank you.

Brittan said...

I am seriously making a list of places to visit in the city based solely on your blog. One day when I have money I am going to both of these restaurants... they sound perfect! I'm counting down the days till I'm back in Texas for Christmas as well... 16 for me!

Meg Fee said...

sara, 20 hours really?! oh, euf. yes, christmas will be better, indeed.

mrs. b,
you're prob. right about the flowers, but they've made me so happy this week!

anna, and brittan, i'm so glad you girls like the sound of the restaurants. i cannot recommend them enough--more than any other restaurants in the city, would i suggest these.

and brittan, yay for returning to texas!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore the New Leaf Cafe, it's such a gorgeous place! I'm glad you and your family had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Micaela said...

"it felt like we all showed up for the party, you know?"- yes yes it did.

gelato included... it sounded all so wonderful!

19 days til you are in the State i love. It will be here before you know it.


CrowNology said...

I sounds as if this one can be counted as "successful"...?
I usually don't comment on "looks" but I wanted to say you look beautiful in the photo. The red lips are a definitive success!
Hope the next 19 days bring something special to you before you go home...

Courtney said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time with your parents! Sounds like it was about time for a successful visit!

Marisa said...

sounds like a wonderful family visit.
i love the flowers story... i would sooo do that.

Signorina Svizzera said...

So nice to see your family for Thanksgiving! The restaurants sound amazing- I will have to check them out. And I agree that the red lips are gorg!
I have not been in the states or with family for the past 3 Thanksgivings and I have at least 1 more to go (maybe more if I get a job here?!). Unlike years past, this year I stayed in CH and had not 1 but 2 Thanksgivings with friends- and though turkey was nowhere to be found, they were still wonderful and there was plenty to be thankful for :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

I'm jumping on this train...

"It felt like we all showed up for the party, you know?"

Sums it up. I love when everyone, including myself shows up. Sometimes I don't want to.

And Catholic guilt...ahhhh! I'm looking forward to loads from my Grandma on Christmas eve :)

Belen said...

this is a lovely post and i adore the pictures you've included of your parents. you and your mom look very much alike and the both of you have beautiful smiles!

Karls said...

Nice! I love it when my folks come to visit - they usually insist on staying in a hotel for most of the stay. My mother-in-law? Well, thats another story! She's soooo lovely, but she NEVER SHUTS UP! By the time she's gone, my brain is fried. When she's not talking, she's singing, when she's not singing, she's humming and when she's not humming, she's whistling. Silence is a rare commodity and only happens when she's asleep. Glad your holiday went without a hitch!

Jalene said...

This sounds magical... as holidays should be.

jasmine said...

awww! i'm glad to hear you had a great visit with your family!! it's nice when things FINALLY go right. we're waiting for some of that around these parts right now.

and by the way, i have never seen red lipstick look better on another woman! seriously never. you were born to wear red lipstick!! :)

iheartkiwi said...

sounds like a great weekend! rudy and our town? you are a lucky girl indeed.

we went up to the family cabin and played in intense game of risk followed by copious amounts of book reading and wine drinking.

i love my family. here's to the christmas countdown!

Hanako66 said...

that sounds wonderful!!!

i'm so glad that you had a great time with your family. my thanksgiving was spent with family as well...so important:)

olivia rae said...

sounds like a perfect visit! i am so happy you get to spend time at home for christmas!! that time is going to be BLISSFUL! xoxo

Miss Carrie said...

18 days for me! Oh, this made me so homesick... Can't wait until it's finally, finally Christmas and I get to see my family...

Taylor Norris said...

A successful visit is sooo difficult considering travel time, small apartments, lots of together time, high expectations. Praise God for family, I am so thankful for you.

I had no idea you're Catholic, my husband is too!

Savvy Gal said...

too much eating. must start to exercise now. : )