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away from computer.

computer broken. stop.

earliest appointment at genius bar, tuesday evening. stop.

will return when fixed. stop.

have no idea when that will be. stop.

ah. stop, stop, stop.

there must be an end to the string of bad luck i've been having.



Spardha Malik said...

oh dearie..!!
i'd have to starve 4 ur posts now.
get well soon dear computer :(

Anna said...

computer problems are my least favorite, right after those of the car persuasion. luckily you're in pretty good hands at the genius bar! hope your luck changes soon!

good mama said...

girl you need delivered
from all these attacks.
i will pray for you.

Michely Medeiros. said...

come back soon!!!

Carrie said...

rest assured we'll all be waiting whenever you venture back. :) hope things look up for you in the meantime.

erin elder said...

crossing my fingers your luck gets better... i have a good feeling.

RayRay said...

MEG! Mine broke last week too! Just after i cleared the hard drive on my mp3 player and was about to fill it up with thousands of musical gems to get me through the week.... Needless to say, no computer, and no music, and a lost cell phone during 2 days of that week did not make for the best days of my life... Mine is also at the repair shop. I hope they figure out how to turn it on again. For both of us.

RayRay said...
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Micaela said...

i wondered where you had been!!! i love that you had to steal/borrow a computer "just to get" the note to your future pal. LOVE love love.

i've missed you but you're never forgotten.

and that luck thing? oh it can only get better right?