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little letters. as inspired by taza.

dear naomi,
i like when you write little letters and take pretty polaroids. so i'm stealing from both. okay?
p.s....i'll never be vegan either. 

dear 190th street subway station,
you are my favorite, in all of new york. you are old and beautiful and deposit me into a world of green and daydreams where the air is significantly cooler and fresher than all of midtown.

to my dad,
when i was little you'd always bring home flowers for my birthday. they made me feel old and important and loved. i have a beautiful new vase. it is empty and waiting should you choose to send me some this year. 
p.s...i really love hydrangeas. 

dear bed bugs,
we are not friends. we will never be friends. please, do not think it is okay to enter my bedroom. i have alcohol and vasoline at the ready and i will show no mercy. yes, of that i am sure, no mercy will be shown.

to the makers of  dyson dc18 slim all floors:
i cannot afford your vacuum but think it might be of tremendous help in my quest to vanquish the bed bugs. if you were so inclined to send one my way...well, i might just scratch your back too, okay?

and side note to future husband: i will not pull an annie banks-mackenzie and almost call off the wedding if you buy me a blender. but i'd prefer the vacuum, actually.

dear honey (the food item)
our relationship is quickly becoming the most important in my life. and it is because of this that we must take a break. i'm sorry. i love you.

dear husband to be,
sometimes i get on my hands and knees and pray you never find the letters i've written to you, until long after we've fallen in love. because, well, they might just scare about anyone away.


Morgan said...

Love your letters. :)

AbbieBabble said...

I love these little letters!

Erin said...

Your letters are adorable and would not scare off any decent man. :)

sheila said...

i like that.
I like a good vacuum too. I'm kind of obsessed with vacuuming right now. We have a good vacuum. I like to make clean lines in the carpet.
Anyways, I liked your letters.

Mariah said...

Your dear husband to be letter kind of hits home for me. You'd think I know better than to blog about certain things when the chances are high that my whatever he is could read them, but then again, there's always a chance he'll feel the same way, right?

naomi megan. said...

oh this was kind of you! i love you, and your little letter too!!!!

come to DC! we'll take more polaroids together and not eat vegan food!

veronica said...

what a perfect little post for love note day!

olivia rae said...

aww, i love your little letters meg!

Courtney said...

I wish Brian Mackenzie would buy this little lady a blender

Signorina Svizzera said...

lucky (?) for me, all my letters to my future husband are hidden amongst my notebooks (i like to write to him during boring lectures). i suppose my only problem would be if i lost my notebooks!
*knock on wood*!
also, i would LOVE to have a dyson instead of my crappy vacuum which breaks every 2 months.
and, hydrangeas are my fave :)

wildheart + double blink said...

my favorite is the honey section. (i need to write a similar letter.) and the letter to your husband-to-be. he's going to die of delight when he finally finds you.

Elizabeth Marie said...

You make me happy. :)

And I miss you lady!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

I love these, they made me smile so!

Marisa said...

i love these little notes...

Hanako66 said...

no meg, no!!! he will love you more for your little letters:)

la said...

The letter to husband-to-be makes me laaaugh. I have some pretty dramatic things written myself ;) Keep writing! You should be an author.