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you want to know what i love about getting older?

my forehead wrinkles stay around just a wee bit longer than they used to.

can you see? 

there, on the right, that's me. 

can you see them? the wrinkles?

look closely.

yes, they're there. and i love them.


m. estelle said...

i've got them too!
last fall. sociology 122.
i sat down next to this lovely girl and i overheard this:

"look at this!"
"these wrinkles on my forehead. gosh. i'm 21 and i already need botox!"

oh dear. and i had been fine with mine...oops?

welp, if you love them, i will do my darndest to love them too!


Emily Anne said...

Meg Fee, I love your blog and I think you're rather wonderful! Just thought I'd say so even though I assume you hear it a kajillion times a day.

Great picture and awesome for loving your forehead wrinkles!

Morgan said...

That photo is too cute for words!

MMW said...

But Ms. Meg, even my four year old has wrinkles on his forehead when he raises his eyebrows up so far! You are darling. And it's just a great photo of FRIENDS!

Yvonne Anderson said...

You are truly sweet Meg! Wrinkled forehead and all :)

jasmine said...

hahaha! the ones i've noticed sticking around are the crow's feet when i smile....i don't love them.

Elizabeth Marie said...

AHA! No break I see! That's right!!!!!!!!!!!! You're so adorable.

I have an NYC guest post on my blog! To prepare for my MOVE woo hoo! I'm excited. Will you be my friend? :)

Belle said...

I love that you love them!!
Beautiful ♥ xx

j.peri said...

You are so dang cute.
i love it.
at age 13 i am starting to get hints of lines on my forehead.
i wonder why.
do i smile to much?
do i get excited to much?

i love your blog.


Penny Lane said...

We all have those, if we raise our eyebrows. I wouldn't call 23, getting older :p

Kristin said...

Own those lines baby. Wait until you're 30 and you don't have to raise your eyebrows to make them. Ah ha

f8hasit said...

Great photo!
I consider what lines I've gained through my years of experience as my life lines...

...without them, I've not been through anything.

rubi said...

i met a woman a few months ago who was 27 and had been getting botox since she was 23.
her theory is that if you never make the lines you never have to worry about the wrinkles.
yeah it sort of makes sense but she looked like she was 37 because of it.
not cute.

Hanako66 said...

i have just noticed mine too!!!!

kathleen said...

There are so many great things about getting older. It's just that nobody lets you in on it until you experience it for yourself. Xoxo