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i've gotten myself into a bit of a painting pickle.

a really, really, really big painting pickle.

see you when the pickle has been...


no, demolished.


Lourdes said...

Ut oh...what happened? I hate to paint.

iheartkiwi said...

ha ha whenever i start to paint i think... "remind me why i decided to do this again..."

but then, the end result is always worth it.

happy painting!

Anonymous said...

painting on canvas... LOVE
painting walls... no fun

siovhan said...

i love painting.
it revamps an entire room.

i hope your pickle gets ... eaten? solved? solutionized? soon.

sheila said...

i LOVE pickles. Really. Dill that is. I can even drink the pickle juice. I love it. LOVE.
And I love your new adventures in your new neighborhood.

Kristin said...

Good luck! Pickles I dig. Painting not so much. I painted half a wall with primer and recruited the hubs to finish the rest of the house. Ah ha

Anonymous said...

Lol I'll be waiting with bated breath!

MERN said...

I see a green and brown room with nothing but pickles. EVERYWHERE. A pickle rug. Pickles on the wall. Jars of pickles like grandma would have in her pantry. A green pickle bathtub. The Prego womens drrream.