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dear husband-to-be,

i culled many wonderful and impressive gobs of knowledge from my time in australia.

chief among them is this:

a man looks far, far, far better when his suit is cut in the italian fashion.

why do american men wear their suits baggy and ill-fitting? they look like little boys playing dress up.

a well fitted suit-pant can make an okay-looking-man into a good-looking-man. a good-looking-man into a great-looking-man. and so on.

i can't even begin to imagine how you will look.

but because i am forced to wait for that fateful day when our eyes do meet, you cannot blame me for the torrid love affair i might just have with this man:

because he looks damn good in that suit. and because i would look damn good on the back of his vespa.

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MeganRose said...

AMAZING. I was kinda thining of printing this out and giving it to my boyfriend (whom I adore, but needs a lil help in the suit dept!) but thought that may be tooo insulting...but say perhaps if I leave your blog up on the computer screen and he happen apon it......


ps-lovely looking man, lovely suit, and you had me day dreaming of being on the back of his vespa as well!!!

Krissa said...

Oh I agree....so yummy, a man in a nice and fit suit...
thanks for sharing...
and I am glad you are back!

Signorina Svizzera said...

i agree! after living over here, i find that what i used to find attractive in the states (clothing-wise) is no longer attractive to me. chief among these things is the american-cut suit! in fact, i just wrote about this myself the other day, and used that guy too! he is yummy! ;)
so glad you had such a great time in australia!

jess said...

I agree american men take less pride in the way they look than most other countries.. unfortunately men around here who dress divinely are usually not very attracted to women ;)

Glad to see you are back!

whitney said...

haha! i love this post!

aukergirl said...

agreed! whoever i marry is going to have to wear a well fitting suit...or else.

jasmine said...

hahaha! i'm sure you would look divine on the back of his vespa! :)

i agree with you on the suits. i'm so lucky my man cares about fashion and has good taste....and looks incredible in everything he tries on.

okay okay, i need to stop bragging now.

you'll have your own fashion plate soon enough. :)

Anonymous said...

such a neat blog idea. i love these letters that you write. i believe that you will find him and he will be everything you write about. otherwise, why would you do it?

maybe i should start writing to my future husband. he certainly needs to know quite a few things.

p.s. the guy pictured is dreamy! and i bet he does rock a vespa.

yay for twenty-something bloggers!