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the disappearing act.

So, I have a confession to make...

I've been feeling a bit lackluster when it comes to blogging.

It's a funny thing when you start out and no one's reading your rambling thoughts.

And then people are reading them and it's rewarding in ways you never dared imagine. 

And yet you feel this new pressure to live up to the best of your blog. Live up to the best of your blog? Oh man, what am I talking about, I've lost it.

My point is I need a wee little break. And in that wee little break I'll see my mom and move and my bike will arrive and there will be so much to tell you. 

So like cjane before me, I too will disappear for a jiff. To recharge. Rethink. 

I will have prescheduled posts with quotes and pictures that tickle my fancy.

And thus begins my disappearing act,

till we meet again (and I come back in about a week and a half with some new ideas and fresh words)...

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.


photo credit:
Casa de Sarment
via visualize.us


Rose said...

ohhh and just as I discovered the treat that is your blog!!! Please come back refreshed (and soon!), hope your move goes well!!! <3

Meg Fee said...

how kind of you rose, i will be back soon, i promise!!

RayRay said...

i'll miss you!! haha... have fun on your bike!

jess said...

You will be missed... Maybe you could just leave a comment on my blog in the meantime?.. I love reading your comments!

Stephanie Belen said...

i feel the same way sometimes meg (even if i get no more than 5 comments sometimes, lol). while you'll be missed, i still wish you the best as you recharge.

excited for your return! o's and x's.

Erin said...

Love the quote and see (read) you soon!

Micaela said...

What a great quote to leave us with.

Enjoy your disappearing act Meg Fee! esp. enjoy the time with your Mom.

Can't wait to have refreshed you back xo

Hanako66 said...

have a nice break meg, but please do come back!

SoFiA said...

Will definitely miss ya girl, but recharging is sometimes a very good thing.

Have fun with your move and your new bike!

Can't wait to see (read) your new adventures when you are back.


Anonymous said...

you will be missed but i completely understand the need to refresh... enjoy and good luck with your ne venture

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your break!

I do know what you mean ....blogging does put a certain pressure on a person after a while!

Single Girl said...

Good Luck (in the creepy taken voice)

sorrin rose said...

i feel like that sometimes and barely anyone reads my blog ;) i also feel like i should take a creative writing course... or maybe just do "the artists way." enjoy your recharge time! -SR

jasmine said...

i think that was a brilliant idea. i know how that pressure/uninspired thing feels. no fun. breaks are good.