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the perfect body initiative. day two.

why is your body perfect?

My heart... Because I can still love even after being hurt so badly. It is more resilient than I ever knew.

of course. of course. 

image via ffffound


Alexandra said...

RayRay is SO resilient. She literally 'ray-diates' hope. xo

Shelby Lou said...

my eyes, because they show my soul & radiate my spirit to whoever I see.


i loved this heart one! GOOD STUFF!!!

Ivy Morgan said...

LOVE this one, so true

black vanilla rose said...

Lovely lovely... couldn't agree more xxx

Micaela said...

perfect answer!!!

sometimes my heart feels guarded after my big heartbreak...
i need to remind myself of this, and so i shall! thank you R and Meg.

m. estelle said...

my hands.
because their tough and dainty.
brown and calloused from working in the garden.
slender and quick for a prance across the piano keys.


Kristen Sara said...

I love this one... I think my heart is my favorite too