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the perfect body initiative. day seven.

I love my body- especially right now- as it changes and grows to accomodate the baby inside.. it is such a unique feeling and one I feel so blessed to experience!


i finally figured out how to steal
pictures off of your blogs for this
project. if you don't want your
picture or your comment posted
here, please, please let me know.

how gorgeous is Jess? and this is after a workout. enough said. 
and congratulations on the soon-to-be addition to the family!


Fashionably Kate said...

Beautiful. It must be an amazing feeling to have a baby inside you. Someday, I too hope to have this feeling..just not yet! ;)

and.. i want to look like that after a work out too..
instead my face is BRIGHT red
with my hair sticking to my forehead, and and I'm gasping for air. it's pathetic really.

Stephanie Belen said...

oh to be one of those kinds of people. i wish i could be someone like her who's just naturally beautiful in every setting!

Ivy Morgan said...

how sweet!!! :)

Micaela said...

after much much thought, i finally came up with my answer.


thank-you meg, for such a wonderful idea. i needed to be reminded that the perfect body isn't ONE defenition.

Micaela said...

ps. how cute is she? and agreed with Fashionably Kate- how amazing it must feel.

stephanie belen- girl me too!!!

meg i love this series!!! okay i'll let other people comment now ;)


Anonymous said...

meg- do have any idea how this LITTLE exercise has affected so many...
another great one

Jodi said...

Can I tell you how much I love this girl...she is so great...she is confident, spiritual, and beautiful...and I just love her…and I already love her baby…

Hanako66 said...

I can't imagine how she must feel...how lovely:)

jess said...

Thank you for your kind comments..
Thank you for making me feel special..
Thank you for this "perfect body Initiative"..
Thanks Meg for being such a genuine, kind person...

Next time I am in New York I say we do dinner- on me!!