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DUMBO previw

Carolyn (of taza-blog fame {you'll recognize her when you see her}) and I headed to DUMBO (neighborhood in Brooklyn) last night to enjoy the area, food, and bring you more ideas of things to do here in the city.

We had such a blast. I will post more later. But for now... I'm of to the beach.

So enjoy the sneak-peak-preview:


naomi megan. said...

sad i missed out. (and wasn't invited.. haha, jk)

and more sad that you can't link carolyn's name here because she deleted her blog. lame!

you look so cute with those red sunglasses too!

Hanako66 said...

you look adorable! I can't wait for more NY tips!

Fashionably Kate said...

Fun! When we were there, I kept seeing DUMBO stickers on store windows, and was curious what it was all about. Good to know!