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the perfect body initiative.

inspired by regina spektor's song, folding chairs,

i've got a perfect body, but sometimes i forget, i've got a perfect body 'cause my eyelashes catch my sweat, yes they do.

i asked,

why is your body perfect?

and you answered. boy, did you answer.

and because your answers were so perfect i decided to create "the perfect body initiative"-- that sounds important doesn't it? well... i think this is important.

each day i'm going to feature a reader's response. and i will create an icon on my sidebar that will take you to those responses. 

the purpose of the perfect body initiative is to redefine what it means to have a "perfect" body.

so here we go,

My shoulders... because they allow me to hold my head high. 

from Morgan

wow. i couldn't imagine a better one to kick this thing off with. 

image by Redup Reda via deviant art
via visualize.us


HeatherB said...

My body is perfect because I have a "Ned." And while having a Ned- sucks- and is painful- it means that I'm able to feel pain, I'm able to taste food, I'm able to have emotions... frankly, I'm actually, truly, alive. My body is perfect because it is working! I gain wait when I eat too much, I get frustrated when I emotionally eat and overindulge, my body gets sluggish and it sucks... but it means it is working!! I'm able to realize the imperfections and I'm able to realize that I have the ability to get past them, but to also realize how fortunate I am to even have this day given to me.

Morgan said...

Great idea Meg! So powerful and needed. Thanks for starting with mine - can't wait to see the rest! xo

Mariah said...

This is such a beautiful idea! I really hope that lots of readers get involved. I think we all go through times where we don't feel so good about our bodies, but that doesn't mean we aren't perfect in our own way.

sheila said...

i'm looking forward to it. thanks

sheila said...

and I also thank you for your what to do in NY icon!!!! I've been waiting for someone to do this for a while. We will finally visit in September.

Erin said...

I love this idea!

Erin said...
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Fashionably Kate said...

love it. can't wait to see more.

orsoifeel said...

meg- thank you for this... needed it.

this is for you;


JKreids said...

I've got a perfect body because it is 'fearfully and wonderfully made'.

I can share it if I wish to a lucky man to devour and appreciate.

Holly said...

I've got a perfect body because it is home to my soul.

Fun idea.

Kristen said...

Thanks so much for doing this! reading it today really inspired me to think more about the positive things of my body!!
I have a perfect body because God created it so it can heal itself. The strength and resiliency of my body astounds me. I have a perfect body because God gave me fun, curly hair that is always out of control :)

RachelSmiles said...

i've got the perfect body because i can look at myself in the mirror and love the woman that i am.