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a saturday afternoon bit of inspiration

The imagination has been so debased that imagination -- being imaginative -- rather than being the linchpin of our existence now stands as a synonym for something outside oursleves like science fiction or some new use for tangerine slices on raw pork chops -- what an imaginative summer recipe  -- and Star Wars! So imaginative and Star Trek -- so imaginative! And Lord of the Rings -- all those dwarfs -- so imaginative --

The imagination has moved out of the realm of being our link, our most personal link, with our inner lives and the world outside that world -- this world we share. What is schizophrenia but a horrifying state where what's in here doesn't match up with what's out there?

Why has imagination become a synonym for style?

I believe that the imagination is the passport we create to take us into the real world.

I believe the imagination is another phrase for what is most uniquely us

Jung says the the greatest sin is to be unconscious. 

Our boy Holden says "what scares me most is the other guy's face -- it wouldn't be so bad if you could both be blindfolded" -- most of the time the faces we face our not the other guys' but our own faces. And it's the worst kind of yellowness to be so scared of yourself you put blindfolds on rather than deal with yourself.
To face ourselves.
That's the hard thing.
The imagination.
That's God's gift to make the act of self-examination bearable.

quote from one of my all-time-favorite's Six Degrees of Separation.
image from fffound (i'm gonna look back to find the artist's name)


...love Maegan said...

it seems so easy sometimes to get trapped in your mind ...and subsequently lose reality. I agree with Jung but it's difficult to be "aware" at all times ...but I love when I have that "a-ha" moment. Like ...here I am ...alive ...now ..present. I only wish I could stay there at all times and not get lost in my mind's world.

Great post :)

Signorina Svizzera said...

Lovely post! I am always wondering about the "realm" of imagination.

Amy said...

you have great insight and such a wonderful way of sharing it. thanks for the post. i'm sorry about all those new yorkers. i wish i had some good ideas for places to relocate, but i'm in the same spot. ahh! good luck.

whitney said...

Six Degrees of Separation! Takes me back to senior year :) Also regarding your previous post....I vote San Fran!

Tina Tanroff said...

this is th most profound thing I've read in ages - thanks for sharing. you are a superstar!
btw - I also vote sf - come to san francisco, you'll love it!

jess said...

Unfortunately my imagination isn't half of what it used to be...

How about Salt Lake City?!? You may love it... or hate it. But one thing is for sure.. the people are friendly ;) lemme know if you want to visit!!

Hanako66 said...

you are lovely

I love this post

Diana said...

i always forget to have an imagination and even though movies and books are a great escape, you are so right on on bringing it to your life.