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i have a confession to make

i'm feeling terribly inept technically.

i want to share a video from this weekend.

it's only two minutes long. but blogger doesn't seem to want to upload it. i even tried to go the youtube route, but it appeared the upload might take weeks.

how do i do it? any ideas?


kathleen said...

Hmmm... I do it the youtube way, but I still get a little confused. I could help you if you still need it. Email me if you do. kathleenparker.b@gmail.com
Blogger can be soo frustrating! :)

kSbl said...

yes blogger can be frustrating.
did you try instead of putting it on the compose side/tab try clicking on the edit html tab. then paste the embeded code thing on there and hit publish post.

if that doesn't work let me know.
you can email me as well @
k27s13bl86@gmail.com if you need more help.

did you also try just a regular link???

kSbl said...

did you try vimeo.com or onetruemedia.com?

if it is your computer being slow... boo... =(

let me know if it works out. good luck!

{and p.s. thx for the bday wishes!}

Hanako66 said...

I'm horrible too....hope you figure it out