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god is in the details.

i had lunch with my dear friend steven today.

he thinks my life should be made into a movie: the story of a twenty-three year old woman trying to find love in the big apple. the twist being this twenty-three year old acts as though she's forty-five.

example: camera cuts to subway. lead reading book. book is "How to Begin Your Life Again!" 

essentially the film would be a combination of two of the most common stories found in films, 1. young girl falls in love for first time; 2. middle age woman finds love again after life falls apart

does this make sense so far?

i know, i know. it needs some work.

but this is all to say...we were brainstorming real life details that make my life quite...well, interesting. like the time i fell down the subway steps and spent a month doing everything i could to stop myself from laughing or sneezing. or...the time i went for drinks at the Ritz unwittingly carrying with me a renegade laundry sock.

or like today...

when i discovered i live next to a male whorehouse.

hmm. hmm. hmm. mmmm.


kate. said...

id pay money to watch that. so then do you find love in your daily sidewalk interactions with one of the men from the male whorehouse? haha

and p.s. you better write the script, cause you are kinda sorta a really really great writer. beautiful words every post. thanks brunette bombshell :)

layla bliss said...

oh my goodness.

i would see that movie.
i might even buy the DVD.

but we might have to fast forward the male whorehouse stuff. that might make the hubs uncomfortable.

Krissa said...

Oh dear... a male whorehouse...that is odd...how long has that been going on?

And I would definitely see that movie!

RatalieNose said...

sounds like a box office hit.
my life is a poorly written sitcom.

Mariah said...

This sounds like a rather fabulous and fascinating life story to me! Definitely movie material!!! You should get someone to write you a screenplay.

kSbl said...

How is there a male whorehouse right.next.to.you.???
and how does one discover such a thing? from a neighbor? from "hearing" things? would like to know... hmmm indeed.

But that would definitely put a twist of sorts into your fantastic movie, hopefully written by you!


Jayne said...

a male whorehouse?! oh, i could do so many things with a scenario like that {and i mean fiction-wise, not whore-mongering-and-getting-arrested wise}.

courtney said...

i read your blog all the time but have yet to comment. (sorry for being a lurker.)

you are a brilliant writer. if the whole movie thing doesn't work out, you should definitely write a book or something!


Hanako66 said...

ha! I think that it is a fine idea....you must play yourself in the film!

kathleen said...

Hahaha! This is a great idea!