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reason #346 how you know you're living in nyc and still figuring your life out

you drop off 20 (yes, 20) lbs of laundry at the corner wash and fold. and you don't mind the $18 price tag.

i fear i was unclear in my writing:
my post-secret was what was written on the card.
the other news is staggeringly un-exciting
(and to be honest, i'm still figuring out whether
i should even post about it).

more posting to come soon...im a bit behind because
my three jobs are getting the better of me this week.

reason #347 how you know you're living in nyc 
and still figuring you're life out:
you have three (yes, three) jobs


sheila said...

Ok, I get it now.
I thought you may have just been quoting someone or something else on the photo.
So... is this a little romance in the air?

Carlita said...

although NYC laundry is more expensive, that photo and the folded clothes inside a plastic bag remind me so much of south america. i don't even think i knew of places that did it that way here in the US... but i think it's great.

and 3 jobs? oh boy. if you can manage that, you have your life together more than you think!

Alex said...

haha quintessential NY, not to mention darling. Just found your blog and I love it!

Diana said...

hey, nothing wrong with some good laundry service. imagine the time you saved! totally worth it! plus, $18 is a deal. california charges about a dollar and a half per lb.

Hanako66 said...

I'm with Diana...$18 for 20lbs is a steal. I was charged $50 yesterday for Hub's work stuff that I am too scared to wash myself :) I hope you have a good week Meg!